Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My Crochet Design for Summer 2010

Some of you already know, and thanks to those who let me know they know, and were happy for me :))
Announcing my first published design in a U.S. crochet magazine, none other than Interweave Crochet!


The photos, the styling, and the model were so lovely...I almost could not believe it! When I submitted the sample, I actually got tired looking at it - because I did spend a lot of time staring at my project :p

This design started way back two years ago, and you can see on my previous post the first project I made using the motif that I came up with. Since then I made improvements on the sleeves and added a triangle motif to shape the front corners.
Crocheting it was easy, even if there were several motifs to make. After all, this sample used up only two balls of the egyptian cotton thread. Its also the 5th project I made from the same motif design, so I really got the hang of it.

If you want more details of this design and others featured on Interweave Crochet, please go to their website, or go to Crochet Me.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Old and New Crochet FOs

Sorry to disappoint those expecting to see a jacket, but my version of Doris Chan's Barcello jacket turned into a shrug ;)
I couldn't wait to finish, and a jacket will take forever (using thread) :p Besides, a long jacket is not practical for my lifestyle...
So here it is, my Coffee Shrug (free pattern from Caron):

And here's my latest self-published pattern available on Ravelry, 8-Petal Flower Pendant:

There are bigger and clearer photos on the pattern, and step-by-step photo tutorial :)

Lastly, here's an old project I made at least two years ago.

This design has improved since then. I'll show the other projects I made with significant improvement in style and fit. Hopefully you'll be surprised on my next post when I present this design ;)