Sunday, February 17, 2013

Chinese New Year - crochet projects

Last November our crochet group came up with another crochet-along (CAL) - lucky cats for 2013. We agreed its a good year to further enjoy crochet with more projects, more sharing, more sales and everything else for a better crochet hobby and business. The lucky cat best symbolizes this thought...(at least according to the Japanese and Chinese traditions). Thanks to Fatima for bringing the lucky cat to our group ;)
Here are some of the lucky cats we made:

Thanks to Fatima and Edwina for their cat photos. More project details on their blogs.

Another challenge that we took up to promote crochet is the Year of the Snake Swatch Contest. Its a nationwide contest open to all forms of fashionable art with a snake theme. Most of the previewed entries were made by established fashion designers. At first I wasn't sure I could come up with anything worth submitting, given the limited time. Another member of our crochet group made a snake scarf, and she actually made and submitted 2! I made a snake necklace, I submitted the 2nd one I made, since the first one was pale in color.
Here's a sneak peek at our entries.

We'll know the result of the contest by the end of this week....