Thursday, April 19, 2018

Crochet for kids

When I saw my granddaughter delighted with a dolphin designed candle-holder (that she didn't hold for she knows its breakable), I thought of making her this pair of dolphins, a mama and a baby dolphin that she can easily hold and play with. I was right, she loved playing with it.

amigurumi dolphins

Little kids are easy to please - make them a toy and they will surely be delighted. However, they also get easily attracted to new toys and after a short while get bored with their old toys. This doesn't discourage me from making toys for my granddaughter...I just make sure she'll like what I make, and she won't find anything else like it. Hopefully she will remember how much she enjoyed what I made for her when she's grown up.

crochet by mimi
nana made me toy dolphins

When my sons make a request for me to make them something, I really try my best to do so...since they don't often make requests. So, recently my son wanted a hand-puppet animal for him and my granddaughter to play with. They both liked watching the Madagascar movies and so he asked if I could make the 4 animals who starred in the movie. Ok I said, not knowing how to go about it. What is the most loved animal there - the lion, of course. I could first make that and see how it goes. After a lot of experimenting, I was happy with the final result. Everyone thinks its granddaughter will be so surprised when she sees it for the first time.

crochet lion of madagascar
Crocheted Lion of Madagascar Handpuppet