Saturday, March 22, 2014

Just got lucky with some crafty finds and online book shopping!

I don't really spend much time and money 'shopping' (or do I ?)...but last week I chanced upon a rare find at the Japan surplus shop in my area. Its a vintage Clover knitting set. At first I thought it was just an envelope purse, then to my surprise it was a very neat set of knitting needles! The colored ones are plastic, and the gray ones are aluminum. There's one tunisian hook also, a size 5mm, which I'm sure I could use. As for the knitting needles, I actually have similar ones already, mostly Tulip brand...but for such an affordable price, I wouldn't pass up on this Clover set!
vintage knitting set

knitting needles

I also bought a pack of used sewing notions and supplies, which included an almost finished crocheted table runner made up of squares with a spider stitch pattern design. Its a lot similar to this free pattern from Red Heart, but more detailed and delicate. I have to finish the other triangle motif at the end, so I could display it. I want to hang it at the side of the shelf, which is adjacent to my working table. Its quite an nspiration :)

spider-stitch motif crochet

As for online shopping, I seldom buy stuff online, but this time I went on a shopping spree....heheh. Actually, I bought 4 books from The Book Depository, when they had a 24-hour sale last March 5. Books on sale are listed every hour until it sold out...I was hardly able to follow the books as they sold out fast (and I had to sleep!), but I managed to buy some. Except for the Wheat-Free Cooking book...I bought them for future gifts. All 4 books amounted to only $27.31 and that includes free shipping! I think I got the best value with the Oxford Illustrated Children's Dictionary, which was only $8.28 then. Even without a special sale, all books are reasonably priced. If you want to get email notification on their offers and special sales, just register on the webiste at:

Friday, March 07, 2014

Crochet and Blog updates

Old Blog

This blog has indeed grown old and needed a makeover :p I was just afraid to let go of the links and other edits I made before...but maybe those are already outdated anyway...I still need more time to organize the links and arrange them in pages. For now, I just have to try a new template and see. It probably won't hurt, and I guess no one would mind. I think this blog has survived almost 9 years now because of the free crochet patterns. Only a few friends and some followers read my ramblings...and I would like to thank them ever so much!
I hope this blog will continue to evolve as well as the crochet projects that I will be sharing :)

Incidentally, I've just received via Fedex the sample project I made for the upcoming book It Girl Crochet :) Its a bonus for a designer to get back the sample which was modeled in the book. They don't give the same benefit before, for designs that made it to the IC magazines.
Here's a preview of the can also take a look inside the book at Amazon. You can pre-order here with free shipping worldwide :)

Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Update at home and a simple crochet top :)

Two months since I told myself to use my imagination more, not much has happened yet on the crafting side :p But regarding practical home improvements, I got to use a little imagination and I'm pleased with the result...most of all, this:

I bought the sofa set last July..finally, after so many years of wishing... though its only now that I was able to arrange it nicely (given the limited space ;)

Anyhow, I've yet to  work on the crafting area in my room. I already bought a big enough shelf and two rattan boxes- more storage space...for yarns!

Now for the crochet design update -
After a long while...I can now share with you the top that I contributed in the book It Girl Crochet, edited by Sharon Zientara (for release in June). Here's the prototype of my design, which I wore several times already :)

lacey top
You can take a peek inside the book on Amazon...
I have a suggestion on book orders though... I recently found out about The Book Depository wherein the price already includes free shipping worldwide! Of course, I had to try it first before I recommend it... Here's my first book order, which I promptly received after 15 days (not bad, for International mail to the Philippines!)