Friday, June 29, 2007

More on our crochet group...

As promised to Kristen (see previous post), here are some more pics I've taken of our group as they were working on her computer bug design. They were not able to finish it at home, so here they were in a hurry to finish up so they could submit it.

Later in the afternoon, here are some of the finished products:

Since it was late, everyone was in a hurry, so the bugs did not have time to pose for the pic ;)

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I'm addicted to...

I've just recently got my invitation to sign-in to Ravelry. I immediately went on there to look first at who's on there already, then to see the projects posted. I cant wait for us all to be there ;) Its such a cool place!

"...a place where you could organize your projects, stash and tools and at the same time help you find people with similar taste and interests. A single location in which to search for pattern and yarn information from many different producers and publishers." read more...

It will be so easy to browse for patterns, finished projects,WIPs etc.
You can also choose your own circle of friends, and check on what they recently uploaded all in one page. Hopefully, everyone will share their projects, to make it a much livelier place.

It was several weeks ago, when I read about Ravelry on Stacie's FaeryCrafty Blog. She's right, the place is addicting!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Internet Explorer vs. Firefox

Last month I was complaining to my son about problems with internet browsing, esp the pop-ups that pop-out even when I am just going through my emails. Also, why I have to type in my password each and every time I post at blogger or make comments, even if I chose keep signed-in. More importantly, the immediate threat of viruses destroying my files. He said, blame it on IE, and told me to change my browser to firefox like he did a year ago. He uploaded the program to my computer, and since then I never looked back...
Well, I don't even have the knowhow to properly compare the two, you have to research and try it yourself. Don't get stuck with your browser if its not working well for you. Much better, read some more about IE vs. Firefox:

Most people don't give a second thought to their Web browser. Their computer is Microsoft Windows-based, it comes loaded with Microsoft's Internet Explorer and, presto, they use Internet Explorer...

Stereotypical User

Internet Explorer - Brain dead newbie. Loves pop-ups, viruses, and spyware. Just wants to "surf the Internet and check my email." Oblivious to alternative lifestyles. Seeks help from "computer smart" nephew.

Firefox - Proselytizing ubergeek. Loves freedom, choice, and tabbed browsing. Just wants to "improve mankind with Open Source Software." Oblivious to market forces and the power of money. Seeks other geeks to join in on the evangelism.

Both are equally annoying.

Where to download free software:

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Teaching crochet

I just scanned this picture given to me by one of our visiting donor and friend. I hope I can get the other pics by email, so I can show them too ;)

This is what I do once a week, teaching some moms to crochet. In the picture are just a few of them. Actually, I have been teaching them for more than a month now, and several of these moms are already producing some items for selling. Most of them came as beginners, and some are already teaching the new members. We have progressed too, from coasters to glass cozies and cell phone totes. I hope to come up with new patterns for them, but I need more time and inspiration...

Meanwhile, I have asked one of our forum members, who is well-known for her crochet toy designs, Kristen of Kristie's Kreations, if I could use her patterns to teach the moms, so they could also produce the toy animals. Not only did she allow me to use her free patterns, but she also gave me several of her for-sale patterns. She understands so well the plight of the moms, as she herself has a sick child. More about this, and Kristen's toy drive for the hospital kids in Minnesota are on this post.

These are some of the kids who are being treated here. More about them on the Project Brave Kids website.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Yoko Suzuki's Square

I was looking for some bedspread patterns from my books, and found this particular motif irresistible. You got to love the popcorn stitches in there, it takes too much time to make, but is worth the effort.
Since the pattern did not have a name, I just called it by the designer's name ;) Its supposed to measure 40cm square using size 3 thread. But I used size 8 thread and 1.5mm hook, so mine turned out to be 8 inches square, or just a teeny bit bigger than 20cm square. The pattern required 24 motifs. I estimate 90 motifs using size 10 or size 8 thread, to be able to make the same size of bedspread shown in the book:

I'm considering making a baby blanket instead, using the motif. But, like most of you, I do have long list of patterns to do... Maybe I should go look for a simpler motif ;)

UPDATE: I searched for the book online, and found one up for bid on ebay.
I don't know the seller though.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Small Crochet Projects

For want of something crochety to post about today, I'm showing here the small items that I designed for our livelihood project over at Project Brave Kids. Here you see 3 different coasters and a glass cozy. The cozy is done in shell stitches, a simple design but I was pleased with it since its flexible enough to fit several sizes and shapes of glasses.
(I used Cannon threads and size 1.5mm hook for all the thread projects shown in this post.)

We sell the coasters in sets of six and the cozies in sets of 4.

Here's another glass cozy I just finished, its a simple lace design.

And, here are the flower chokers I sent out for my blogiversary contest. Aren't they cute...I love looking at them in different colors