Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Random Pics

I've finished the first part of the dress...Its coming along nicely as the one I made for myself a long while back...(For more details you can see this project in my other blog, Crocheting with Cannon threads.)

I'll be working on this for the next few days...

Meanwhile, here's another picture of my baby dog amis...in case you missed it ;)

You'd have to be quite imaginative to see the likeness of the amis with the real-life counterparts ;) But aren't they cute?

Here's a recent picture of Max:

He usually takes up his paw for me to hold whenever I visit him :)

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Crocheting one row at a time...

Its been more than a week...I almost forgot to blog! I'm doing a custom order for a dress, slowly finishing one row at a time, I already finished one ball of thread...and have 6 more to go!
Other than that, there's a bit of a commotion going on at home and the little luxuries that I normally had are now getting rare : (  I already mentioned I lost my computer, now my brother can't repair it yet since he's getting the house repaired. Aside from the electrical problem, the house got infested with termites - his room is on the 2nd floor and when they ripped the ceiling below, the damage was uncovered!
It looked like this (though I got this pic from a website):

Anyways, I sort of manage using my son's computer at the attic, when he's in the office. But what disables me more now is I don't have a car! My old car needs repair (again), and I don't know if it can even make it to the repair shop...

Back to crocheting, I haven't decided on what to design next...I've been playing around with dog amis, just for fun. I might not continue on writing the pattern for the English Bulldog or the Scottish Terrier, since I can easily get back to both of it, having had finished the Dachshund amigurumi pattern. I realize only a few would appreciate having the pattern, but the effort is worth it - I like it a lot myself :)
And in keeping with the holiday season, and as suggested by my friend Tina, I've made a Santa hat and scarf for the Dachshund ami. Here it is:

 The same hat and scarf can also be worn by  my Bulldog ami  :-)