Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A time for everything...

For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven:

A time to be born, and a time to die;
a time to plant, and a time to pluck up what is planted;

A time to kill, and a time to heal;
a time to break down, and a time to build up;

A time to weep, and a time to laugh;
a time to mourn, and a time to dance;

A time to throw away stones, and a time to gather stones together;
a time to embrace, and a time to refrain from embracing;

A time to seek, and a time to lose;
a time to keep, and a time to throw away;

A time to tear, and a time to sew;
a time to keep silence, and a time to speak;

A time to love, and a time to hate;
a time for war, and a time for peace.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Bazaar selling...

Better luck next time is all we can say...but at least we had a little fun and got busy over the weekend. We were also glad to be able to show support to Project Brave Kids' activities. I took some souvenir photos and have some to share.

Here's my friend, as we prepare our items.

(See the small cabinet where I put the boxes of Cannon thread? I requested any spare cabinet just a few days before, and the people at Coats were so generous in helping me out. They had it delivered last Friday.)

We really did not know what to expect, but was a little disappointed that nothing much happened. Sunday was supposed to be the busier day, but it rained the whole afternoon and evening - no fun :p

I went over the booth of the Habing Buhay moms and was so glad to see their items neatly displayed. They were able to sell several items during the bazaar.

Aside from cell phone cozies, here's what I made a few days before the event:
I intended it to be a pitcher cover, but it can also be used as a doily. The lilac and brown color is Catania cotton and the yellow is two strands Cannon thread.

Btw, there were some celebrities who went and entertained the kids and their families, and some who shopped. Ms. Miriam Quiambao was there and we saw her buying some native bags. Our helper asked her for a shot and she graciously obliged.

And here's our own celebrity, Daisy's chihuahua, Sugar. I wasn't able to get a good shot of her at the bazaar, so I got this picture from Daisy's blog.

She's wearing a Santa shirt designed and made by Daisy. She has made a few more and is selling it on her Etsy shop.

Lastly, here's my thoughtful son and his g.f. who stopped by to cheer me up :)

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Crochet Update

Not much creativity here lately...but just want to post to update my blog and my blog viewers :)
I finished another pair of slippers using my pattern, but won't show a picture yet since its for a private swap ;)

Other than the slippers, the only recent project I'm doing is a black shrug that was ordered from me. It isn't hard to do even in black, since its going to be light and lacy. Here it is, I'm now on the 2nd ball of size 8 Cannon thread.

I would also like to show my recent yarn purchase. Not much, but its the first time I bought fromDreams yarn shop in Glorietta. I was fortunate to have been able to visit the store, since I rarely go to Makati. I was also lucky to be able to meet the owner, Ms. Lilli de Leon, though we didn't have much time to talk. When I told her I designed for Coats, she was so glad to meet me in person :) She gave me some discount on the yarns, but honestly I was overwhelmed at all the imported yarns she had on display, that at first I didn't want to buy. I wouldn't really be able to decide which one is practical, and was also in a hurry since my companions are not interested in yarns and are waiting outside :p But I thought, what the heck - I should just buy a few yarns since I'm already there.
So I thought I'd try a different yarn texture, but again played safe with the color.
I had sling bags in mind when I bought these:

The unlabeled yarn seems nice at first, but back home I did not like it. Also, I wouldn't be able to use it for designing a new pattern. I wound it into two cones the next day, since I know if I kept it in the closet like that, the more I won't want to use it. It was too darn difficult to wind since the yarn was so slippery...but now its ready and waiting to be made into a small bag.

Meanwhile, I also tidied up my craft closet a bit. I then rediscovered a few thread ornaments I made about 15 years ago. These can be made as wedding souvenirs or tree ornaments:

I vaguely remember the pattern for the Angel came from an old magazine, but I made some modifications. The bell, hat and basket were made from my own patterns. The pattern for the hat is on my free patterns, while the patterns for the bell and basket is yet to be dug out of my old pattern files...

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Birthday presents

In the month of November, there are several of us in the family celebrating our birthdays. My father in the 1st week, me in the third week, and a brother and a sister in the 4th week.
But first, today (Oct. 31) is my brother's sweetheart's birthday. She is a pastry chef, so I thought to give her something she can display on her kitchen.
I saw a ceramic figurine of a baker, half kneeling and ready to serve something on a platter. It is cute and only cost me not more than $4. (I bet she doesn't look at my blog...)
As I always want to add something handmade to my gifts, I thought its about time I crocheted a dessert. I searched for cake patterns on ravelry, and I chose this cake from Melissa Mall. I also adapted Sanguine's creation of whipped cream and cherry on top of the cake.

Presenting my gift:

Hmm...don't you wish you could eat that cake?

I would also like to show you what my sister sent me from the U.K. - her birthday gift to me. Its a crochet book, not a popular one - but I chose it myself on Amazon U.K. It seems like a very handy and useful book for designing.

She also sent me some cute little kitty (text) highlighters. As usual, my son got interested and will borrow it for school ;)

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Crochet cotton slippers

I recently finished a new design that I find very useful. Its a slipper and its not so unique, but I used two strands of cotton thread. I used to think that I can only make slippers from WW yarn. Most of the patterns I found used big hooks and thicker yarns and most were done in scs. I tried making one from two strands thread, and it starts with dc rounds, so its fairly easy. I wish I did it a long time ago. I really love wearing it!

Take a look at my happy feet :)

I got inspired to come up with the slippers design, when Daisy asked me if I could make one. She was just beginning to take up Pilates classes and realized she needed some comfy (and cute) slippers. It took me some time, but I think she was so pleased with the outcome.

Here, she is modeling her slippers ;)

More info about the pattern on Ravelry.

Laceydaisy's stitch markers

Laceydaisy is my friend's Etsy shop. She offers some pretty stitch markers and some crochet items too. You can see it here.

Just a sample of her lovely collection of beads which she turns into stitch markers or earrings.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Some small projects

I'd like to show here my recent projects just to take a break from the one project I should be finishing, which is this bag:

It is sitting on my lap and I just stare at it, not wanting to pick up the hook and continue. It's a Japanese design, and I chose it because it's unique and challenging. But somehow, the material I'm using (which is 3 strands of thread combined) makes the project not enjoyable. Its a bit hard on the hands and the slow motion gets a bit boring.

My mind wandered off...I went through my yarn stash and picked the DMC Cebelia thread size 10 - a nice blue color. I thought to make my mom a set of glass cozies and coasters. I finished these, so far:

Also, a few days ago Gene sent me a pattern for a bracelet she designed. I chose to use DMC Cebelia in red. I love working with it, to make small projects especially crochet jewelry.

Lastly, this is the first time I got so inclined to make slippers. I hadn't thought about making one until a friend wanted one to use for her pilates class. Still I was too lazy to look for patterns, until Tina sent me some links. I studied some patterns, and then made up my own using cotton threads (two strands). I'm still learning how to make the right average sizes for it. So far, I had some success making a size 7 for me ;)
I'm now working on a size 5 1/2.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Bags on Ravelry

Thank you so much for the compliments on my bags!!

Since I am still very much into bags, I went on to do more searching on Ravelry.
Did you know...(as of this date)
* there are 3937 bag patterns listed on Ravelry and 1092 of those are crochet
* there are almost 10,000 bag projects and about 5960 of those are crochet
* the top bag lady is Pipp, with 82 bags - none crocheted :p

* the second bag lady is TerryRoss, with 73 bags - none crocheted :p

* the third bag lady is sfb, with 60 bags - only two are crocheted :p

* definitely not a bag lady, (but a real good crochet bag designer) Drew Emborsky has a new fun bag design, and its a free pattern on Ravelry :)

Lastly, here's an old bag pattern that I recently added to Ravelry as a free pattern :)

Oh, I forgot to mention - I have found the crochet bag lady (thanks, but its not me, Gene :)

Sunday, October 12, 2008

A couple more bags

This had been an unfinished bag for the longest time. It was supposed to be a backpack, but I decided to just finish it as a tote.

This one is my recent favorite. I call it mini fat-bottom bag (same as the bag in my previous post).

Here it is again, turned inside out. I love the coordinating lining, which I just got from my stash.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Old bags, new bags

I couldn't count anymore how many crochet bags I've made so far. A few have been sold, and many have been gifted. I have several in my closet and other hiding places, some of which I can't recall...But thanks to Ravelry, I am able to organize my bag projects now - at least virtually. The inspiration came when I saw that the current featured Ravelers were those who have the most bag projects that are linked to patterns found in the Ravelry database. At first I thought, I do have a lot of bag projects, but some of the patterns aren't on Ravelry yet and some I haven't found time to link to. Then again, I saw it as a challenge ;) So recently, I linked to patterns and I also added a couple of patterns to the database.

You might want to take a look at my bag projects on Ravelry.
But wait, here are the bags I recently finished.
These are all just small bags, but I have lined it all and I added magnetic snaps on the one without the drawstring.
All these bags are linked to the patterns:

Wrist Purse

Vertical-striped bag

Mini Fat-bottom bag

Monday, September 22, 2008

Crochet buddies, FOs, and...its raining again!

This is the third week that its been raining here...though yesterday it didn't rain, the previous two weeks it seemed nonstop.
Although the rains do make me want to crochet more, somehow it gets depressing...

One thing that got me going again, was a new found crochet buddy. She was able to contact me by inquiring from Coats Manila Bay. Well, the reason I'm telling this is that it is seldom that I find a friendly crocheter, with a flexible schedule, who lives not so far from me ;)

I did find several wonderful crochet buddies through my blog and met some in person. Quite recently I met Bheng, and last year I met Gene. But Bheng is employed full-time, and Gene has a lot going on including expecting a baby :)

So I am glad to have found Daisy, since she is really crocheting and very much interested to learn from me.
The first item she wanted to make was a set of glass cozies. She showed me the crocheted set she bought which was very light and lacy...she wanted something dense like a basket, so I came up with this:

Cabled Glass Cozy

Then she also showed me a headband she bought from a street vendor, it was unbelievably cheap. But the thread and crochet work were of good quality.
I don't remember ever having made a pretty headband, so I duplicated its design. Here's my striped headband:

Btw, several months back I posted some stuffed toys I dug up from the closet. One of those is this Cool Cat. Haven't found the pattern yet, its in one of those old Crochet Fantasy magazines. Anyhow, I found the other cat I made for my son about 15 years ago. This is smaller and has freaky eyes...hehe...

Ok, just a couple more FOs...

I made another makeup purse...I finished the pattern complete with instructions on lining it with fabric and attaching magnetic snaps. This one I made with a flower embellishment to cover the snap.

Finally, here's a size 10 thread version of my Little Cotton Shrug design. I was hoping to have someone else model it for me, but it didn't happen. So here:

Thanks for looking!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Crochet Liberation Front First Ever Book

The Crochet Liberation front first ever book is now $27.75 on Amazon and eligible for Super Saver Shipping. Sounds like a good deal to me...if I live in the U.S. ;)
Here are just some of the goodies you'll get in the book:

The most favorited Phoenix Mitts by Julia Vaconsin

Another popular design - Cabled Slouch Hat by Zuleika Lamb

Yogini Carryall by Yavanna Coulter Reynolds

So many more wonderful designs and interesting articles...

And also, here are two of my designs in there.
I couldn't get better pictures...but here they are:

Little Cotton Shrug


Yin Yang Keychain Ball

See Ravelry for more details.

Friday, September 12, 2008

New Crochet Book!

It's now available!!!
Yes, the book by crocheters for crocheters is now out!

Oh, haven't you heard about it? Its the Crochet Liberation Front First Ever Book - and its the first ever book that I got published in! No wonder I'm excited, huh?... But more than that it is really something to look forward to with all the unique and lovely designs and informative articles in it - as unique and varied as the contributors.

Here's a picture of the full cover of the book, which gives you a glimpse into some of the patterns in it:

This book is 194 pages of full color patterns and articles. You will find 36 patterns and 13 useful and touching articles. There is not a "how to crochet" section in this book. It was written by crocheters for crocheters who have been itching for something more.

Laurie Wheeler has a sneak peek here in the CLF Official Blog. Hope you check it out and you'll see a few of the designs....including one of mine ;)

I'll show some more pics here soon...just haven't gotten to it yet (...and I'm out of batteries too :p)

So, don't miss having a copy of this historic book :)

You can go to this site to order a copy at $34.99. Please note, that's less than $1 per pattern plus articles! To see more designs in the book check it out here on Ravelry. I've already queued some patterns...really hoping I would be able to make it. I can't wait to get my copy!

Wait, there's more! If you are on Ravelry, you can go to the Crochet Liberation Front group, and get the discount code, so you can buy the book for $29.99. Or go to Amazon to avail of Super Saver Shipping.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Got my Crochet Calendar 2009!

Yay!! I received my crochet calendar today. Not one, but two copies :D
It was such a wonderful surprise - and promptly delivered by DHL! Last year in October, I was dismayed with the DHL delivery, and wrote about it on this post. This year, they surely made up for it ;)

I would like to thank Susan Ripley again, for being very helpful. I also think she did such a good job of compiling the patterns for this edition.

A careful look inside the calendar and I see these:
My designs, of course:
Multicolor sling purse, May 23-24
Poinsettia Coaster, December 7

My friends' designs:
Tina's Yo-yo key-ring critters, January 28
Tina's Piggy Bank, February 18-20
Deneen's Chunky-Brimmed Chapeau, February 28-March 1
Deneen's Mom's Favorite Scrubby Dishcloth, May 4
Deneen'sPerfectly Pretty Cotton Washcloth, December 1

Other designs that interest me:
Pamela Romeo's Baba Yaga's Bag, February 27
Paloma Parra's Lucky Lamb, March 4-5
Mette Buchreitz' Fancy Dishcloths, April 6
Jennie Lute's Bowling Set, April 9-10
Bernat's Tufted Floor Pillow , April 27
Mette Buchreitz' Friendship Bag, May 1-3
Tracie Barrett's Lanyard for ID or Keys, July 14-15
Bernat's Cool Poncho, August 17
Dorothy Hardy's Simple Ribbed Scarf, September 7
Paton's Brilliant Shawl, September 16
Bernat's Rib Bag, September 23-24
Mette Buchreitz' Santa, December 16-17

I noticed that the filler patterns in this calendar are from Lily, Bernat, Patons and Maggie's Crochet. I think I've seen most of it as free online patterns, except the ones from Bernat which look new.
All in all, I like this calendar more than the previous (2008) calendar.

For more information, to contribute designs or to purchase the calendar, please visit their website:

Friday, September 05, 2008

Crochet Scarf

After I crocheted 3 balls of thread, I added another photo to my brown tunic project (on Ravelry).
Now its becoming a bit monotonous, that I'm thinking of starting another project :p
I want to make the Queen Anne's Lace Scarf for my sis. I have some thick cotton yarn, the two balls in burgundy, that Deneen sent me. I already made a simple sc-dc scarf using up one ball. I finished it a week or two ago, it was a quick project that I hardly remember myself doing it :p

I am not sure this could be for a guy...we'll see. So I am hoping that I'll be gifting a his and hers matching scarves.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Crochet Cell phone purse, makeup purse and more...

To go with my stylish hobo, here are my latest FOs:

And, the makeup purse turned inside out:

Here is the whole set:

I also want to show the Nizza Tunic WIP, I'm now working up towards the waist part. Here it is before I frogged it...I realized I only had 11 sections of dcs, when I looked at the picture on the pattern, there were 12 :p But just to show you how it looks like at the bottom part. The motifs are lovely, but it was such a chore to join motifs and weave in ends. I'm glad that part is over ;)