Monday, October 03, 2016

Denim and Crochet

Hello! I haven't crocheted much lately....but I'm (slowly) working on some crochet for gifting. Aside from that, I got busy with another craft I love - recycled denim projects...I love working with cotton denim fabrics. Having to make projects as a custom order is a bonus!
I made placemats for an ice cream shop/restaurant, using denims that I've sourced from a used-clothing store. I choose good-quality denim pants and skirts, wash and dry them soon as I buy them. For a while my living and dining area became my production area :p ...

recycled denim

And here are some of my finished products (placemat photos in the restaurant were snatched on Instagram)

denim placemat
 denim coaster denim placemat denim and crochet

Now I'm thinking of combining crochet and denim crafts what I did a few years ago. Hoping I'll have tutorials made for some projects like these:

Denim and crochet
denim and crochet