Friday, March 26, 2010

Tropical Shawl with fringe - free crochet pattern

Just in time for summer outings here in the Philippines - you can make this airy and colorful shawl.
This is my  updated Tropical Shawl pattern. The first version I made was printed in 2007 as free pattern giveaway by Coats Manila Bay for local yarn shops customers. This has the same mesh pattern, but now I used a bigger hook, and the loops are made up of ch 5, instead of ch 7. This is lighter, and requires only two balls of multicolor thread. Its faster and easier to finish too. This can be made in one weekend, or approximately 8-10 hrs. of crafting time.
(Note: The flower pin is published as a free pattern here)

Tropical Shawl with fringe
Designed by Mimi Alelis, © 2010
(pattern for personal use only; published only on this site:

Skill level: Easy
Finished Measurement: Approx. 60” on top, 46” on sides
Cannon Cotton size 8 thread, 2 balls (Cannon SC044 used in model)
Crochet hook, size 7/0 (4mm)
st = stitch, ch = chain, sl st = slip stitch, sc = single crochet, hdc = half-double crochet, tr = triple crochet, sk = skip

Gauge Swatch: measures approx. 7” on top, 5” on sides
Row 1: Ch 37, sc on 9th ch from hook. (Ch 5, sk 3 ch, sc on the next ch) 6 times. Ch 2, tr on the last ch (8 loops) Turn.
Row 2: Ch 1, sc on the same st. (Ch 5, sc on next loop) repeat across except on the last loop. Ch 2, tr on the last loop, turn.
Rows 3- 8 : Repeat row 2 until 1 loop remain. Fasten off.

Note: increase or decrease in multiples of 4 on the starting ch.
Start with ch 253,
Row 1: sc on 9th ch from hook. (Ch 5, sk 3 ch, sc on the next ch) repeat across except on the last 4 chs. Ch 2, tr on the last ch. (62 loops) Turn.
Row 2: Ch 1, sc on the same st. (ch 5, sc on next loop) repeat across except on the last loop. Ch 2, tr on the last loop. (61 loops). Turn.
Row 3 onwards: Repeat row 2 until only 2 loops remain; turn, ch 1, sc on the same st, ch 5, sc on next loop. Do not turn, proceed to do the edging.
Edging: Ch 2, (3 hdc in next space, ch 1) repeat across the short edge; hdc and ch 1 on the corner, (4 hdc in next space, ch 1) repeat across the the top edge; hdc and ch 1 on the corner, (3 hdc in next space, ch 1)repeat across the other short edge; hdc and ch 1 at the corner, join with sl st to the beginning ch 2. Fasten off.
Cut thread to lengths of approximately 9 inches, allotting 3 pieces for each fringe. (Tip: if using Cannon multicolor thread, just cut along the border of each color, then fold in half and cut again.) Repeat several times to complete the required number of pieces.
Attach fringe starting at one end of the top edge, on each ch-1 sp on the short sides of the shawl.
Take 3 pieces thread at a time, fold in half, pull folded end through the ch 1 sp with crochet hook , then pull out the ends through this loop. Tighten a little. Do this on every ch-1 sp of edging row except on the top edge.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tunisian Crochet - Free and Easy

Tunisian crochet is also known as Afghan crochet, or hook knitting. Tunisian crochet uses a hook which is similar to a standard knitting needle with a hook rather than a point. Each row is made by placing loops on the hook and then working them off again. The work is not turned, so one side of work, usually the front, always faces you.
I haven't advanced from the plain tunisian stitch, though I know someday I will. It just seemed to take too long to finish, but the resulting fabric is very nice and very useful. Here's the tunisian stitch dishcloth (view project on Ravelry) I made a while back.

Tunisian crochet is easy to learn. Here is a directory of free tunisian crochet instructions at Crochet Pattern Central.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

This is it!

Its now the middle of March, and I haven't had any new design featured yet for 2010 :( I need more inspiration...
I started a rectangular shawl a couple months back, but on the third ball of thread I realized I didn't like it. I ripped and changed part of the design...then I read about a call for thread design submission over at Ravelry, so I decided to submit it. Its a simple mesh shawl accented with little flowers...hopefully it gets accepted so I can make it using Nazli Gelin egyptian cotton thread ;)

While I was working on my shawl, I saw on Lily's post her gorgeous crochet shawl design!...its like one of those great-looking knitted lace shawls that we admire - and envy. At last, a lovely crocheted shawl made from thread!

This is it! My Garden Path Shawl in burgundy:

You'll just have to wait a bit more for the pattern to become available from Lily Go. More details on my project here on Ravelry.

And this I just wanted to share with you too...our youngest sister is getting married soon. She found her true love in Europe in 2005. I guess back then they already felt deep inside, "this is it!" :)

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Food blog promo

Typical Philippine dishes usually include pork, chicken and other meat, coconut milk, lots of soy sauce, fish sauce, vinegar, hot pepper, salt and even sugar; lots of bread, rice, fried foods and other treats. All these I what's left? I'm blogging about my quest for better food, that's simple but not the usual Filipino food. Hope you will join me... I promise not to take up much of your time. I hope to inform as well as entertain ;)

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