Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Thrift store finds for my crochet hobby

I love crocheting, and I also love buying/collecting crochet wearables...at least those that I could afford and be able to wear. I do have a simple and practical taste for crochet or regular clothing, so its mostly affordable. I buy some in bazaars or at the malls. When I see someone's thrift store finds though, I'm quite envious...when will I ever get as lucky? Here in the Philippines, thrift stores (ukay-ukay shops) are everywhere, but I'm not really eager to get inside the shops. Its kind of smelly and its hard to find interesting stuff in the racks stacked with used, worn clothes. Well, I think I got lucky one day in one shop, and another day in another shop ;)
I got these several weeks ago, when I was scouting thrift stores to buy denim pants to make the recycled denim placemats. As I said, I don't like going to those shops...and whatever I bought I immediately wash it and dry in under the sun.

These two shawls still look new, they're easy to wash too...

This one looks like a machine-knitted shawl

This is a motif-based crocheted shawl, most probably cotton

Blueberry Hill crochet cardigan
This crochet sweater is made of very nice yarn, rayon with metallic. Its a bit heavy and big sized, and I immediately saw the potential of recycling the yarn...

Karen Millen knitted pullover
 This hand-knitted pullover is a Karen Millen product made of 100% viscose ribbon yarn. I also got it for the yarn...

I think they're all wonderful finds. The shawls i got for P90. each, the sweaters I got for P40. each at another shop.