Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Pineapple Square Crochet Motif

This is from a pattern for a beach cover-up. I recently found this pattern on Ravelry...I think the diagram is from a Russian designer. I immediately decided to make this one and I'm determined to finish this as a beach cover-up.
This is exactly the kind of motif I'm looking for. First, it is very suitable to use thread for this. Second, it is a big lacy square that works up quickly. This can be joined as you go, without leaving too many ends to weave in. As a bonus, it can easily be made bigger or smaller by adding or subtracting rounds and rows. Lastly, I'm able to use our local size 8 threads (which is cheaper). Though this can also be made using any size 10 thread.
Because I can't wait to blog about this, here's the first square I just finished:
(Note: I worked up to rnd 18 here, but it became a bit big for me so I ended up with 17 rnds per motif.)

pineapple crochet square
crochet pineapple square

Monday, March 23, 2015

Crochet a braided ball

Its summer vacation once again...kids and adults alike will need a lot of activities to learn and to enjoy. Lucky for some who are into books, there are plenty to choose from. I found one book that was on sale when I got it...aside from providing a list of actual things to do, I found this book entertaining.

the book depository

If you want to find the right book for you, just go to The Book Depository, it is easy to search on their available books. and you will appreciate its fair price and free delivery worldwide!

With regards to crafting, there's a lot you can do with just a few craft supplies. If you're into crochet, here's one suggestion. Crochet a braided ball! I enjoyed making it...actually, I got a bit impatient with the crocheting part. The braiding is fun though, and a bit challenging :)

crochet braided ball
braided ball
Details of this project can be viewed here on Ravelry.