Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A Ravelry meetup, a wedding and my crochet dress :)

Ravelry meet-up at Glorietta mall, Makati

This was supposed to be a summer outing in Manila with our crochet group, since gerykho was visiting from Cebu. But since our schedules didn't permit, we just had an afternoon gathering at a coffeeshop in Glorietta mall. We also went to Dreams yarnshop to have a look and to buy some yarns ;)
This time we didn't have much yarny activities to do compared with our previous meetup with Fats (when she visited from Bohol)...Most of us were able to bring only a few projects to share, but still we enjoyed chatting about knitting and crochet. It was a fun gathering, thank you ladies and to the one guy from our group too! Yes, we have a Pinoy crochet dude ;)

The Wedding

Their adventure in love took a lot of turns and detours, which at last came to this time and place.

Shrine of Our Lady of Namacpacan, Luna, La Union

I wish them a long and happy marriage :)



My Crochet Dress

About 3 weeks before, I wasn't sure I could finish a dress in time for the wedding. I also wasn't sure I could wear it with confidence...but the thought of having to spend time and money to shop for a dress seemed more difficult to me. I just went ahead and made the dress. I felt good wearing it, and got some compliments too ;) The wedding was simple but memorable. We had fun since it was also a family reunion.

I don't have the official wedding pics yet, so here are some modeled shots I took at home:

more details on my project page on Ravelry

Sunday, April 07, 2013

Upcoming meet-up and an urgent project...

Sometimes when there's something crochet-related to post about, I can't find the time to sit down and actually type...then its usually a belated post. So now I try to be up-to-date ;)
We'll be having a meet-up again with some members of our crochet group on Ravelry. Some of us have met before, but now its our first time to meet a long-time member from Cebu. Since April 9 is a holiday, its convenient for some members who don't have work on that day. I'm sure it will be as memorable as our meetup last November:

As to what I'm hooking...

I have an urgent project which is a dress for myself. I really have to finish this crochet dress soon or else I would have to go to the store at the last minute to buy one, to wear to my brother's wedding...happening this weekend!
I need to finish this in 3 days, and I've calculated about one ball of thread per day. I've gotten this far, so I really have to finish!

Hope I can show some modeled pics soon ;)