Saturday, February 26, 2011

Crochet Updates

I just finished the pink lacey shrug sample and will be submitting it to Coats.

I'm almost done with the white shawl for my friend, and hopefully I can give it when we meet next week.

Now of course, I have to start on another design submission...this time its a simple rectangular shawl, since the triangle shawl wasn't accepted. I realize I can do the same pattern but make it rectangular. The simple pattern stitch might work to make this shawl convertible into a shrug and scarf...
we'll see :)

Before I go, let me just share some pics of my favorite dog. Here's Max, one of our extended family's dog; I think he likes me a lot and I like him too ;)
I also look like him sometimes :p

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Design WIPs

A cardigan, a shrug, a shawl - just some of my works in progress...

And here's my latest tunic top - not quite done yet, but looking good so far! I like it a lot :) 
(Thanks to for the cool photo effects.)

Saturday, February 05, 2011

Crochet Ribbing

I'm not exactly a fan of ribbed edges in crochet - the ones where you crochet in the back loop only, with one kind of stitch...that's because, long ago me and my mom only do sc ribbing with cotton threads using small hooks. Aside from it being too tedious, the result didn't look anything like the knitted rib edges that I wanted it to look like. Its too thick, and when it stretches out it doesn't bounce back.
I have here an example of ribbing from a baby crochet project two decades ago.

Though the design is neat, the project turned out too stiff and uncomfortable to wear :(

And here are two samples of my Mom's single-crochet ribbing:

Its a pity, that after all that work on the ribbing it didn't turn out right...
So it stuck with me that I don't like crochet ribbing in garments, and I don't use it in my designs.
But recently, I thought of a crochet design while admiring a picture of a knitted tunic top. I realized there isn't any substitute for crochet ribbing to get the effect that I wanted.
Now that I've learned to use bigger hooks to crochet with threads, I found the right size hook and the right kind of ribbing - I'm liking it so much. Hooray to hdc ribbing!