Monday, February 29, 2016

Hello Blog!

Hello dear viewers, hello blog! I have not been posting here for sometime... nowadays I tend to browse and post more on Instagram and less on Ravelry or Facebook, and much less here on Blogger... :( But I still have plans for this blog and I hope you come back often to see my projects and patterns and updates, 
Meanwhile, if you'd like to see, here's my Instagram account. If you're wondering why Instagram...for me, its much simpler and easier to post there, and quicker to see and appreciate what others are doing. I read this article and I totally agree.
Here are some throwback pics I made into a collage to post on Instagram (thanks to Ravelry members who shared their projects)...some of the projects from my designs on Interweave Crochet magazine:

Lauren Sweater
Hibiscus Tunic

And here's my current WIP :
Crochet Poncho
Crochet WIP
I will be finishing this crochet poncho soon, and will post a pattern. This is just a simple stitch pattern, but it is kind of unique ;)