Thursday, January 21, 2016

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As a satisfied customer myself I would certainly recommend this online bookstore to everyone. I recently found a couple of books I like with almost 50% discount, and ordered it ;) You may click on the following photos to go to the store.

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Monday, January 11, 2016

Wednesday, January 06, 2016

2015 crochet stuff

Hello, welcome to my blog, and happy new year!
Just a note before I go to the 2015 crochet stuff.... The past few years up to early 2015, I didn't have much time and inspiration for my crocheting projects and designs. Then the past several months somehow I found inspiration. I browsed my books and the internet...I believe I still have something new to offer :) I would like to think that I'll continue to be inspired this year. I recently finished two wearable designs, the pattern will be available this I can't show it yet in this post. Meanwhile, here's what I came up with in 2015.

These are all free patterns for quick, simple and useful projects :) (see all my patterns on Ravelry)

1. Handy Oval Makeup Purse
2. Circular Scarf
3. Handy Coin Purse
4. Strapped Flipflops

Started the year at 582 and ended with 607 projects - an additional 25 projects in 2015. (details of my projects on Ravelry)
crochet projects 1
crochet projects 2
crochet projects 3

I tried not to add much to my stash - since I didn't use up much anyway. But fellow yarn lovers know how it goes... ;)
My  2015 purchases were mostly ordered online at Knitwerks and Crafts Boutique from a fellow crafter friend who sell yarns sourced from different countries.
My latest purchase from her is Nazli Gelin Garden thread, size 10 from Turkey, and Anchor size 5 thread from India.

Other purchases from Knitwerks this year are the following. I have reordered Premier Home cotton yarns and Aunt Lydia's threads, since I like it so much! (photo is from a previous order). 

Also I purchased from Gantsilyo Guru with a store in Pasig City, not so far where I live...but I prefer the convenience of buying online. I will experiment with these when I find time.

Other Stuff
I occasionally buy a crochet book or magazine to add to my library. Since I discovered how easy it is to buy from The Book Depository I often check it out.
I bought this book, but have yet to make a project from it.

I recently joined Instagram, and so far here are my best pics:
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Thanks for looking! And by the way, there's this blog, Around the World in 80 Skeins, with posts featuring knit and crochet designers from around the world. I am in there too ;)

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Thank you!