Saturday, September 25, 2010

Crochet model at work ;)

A craft-blogging tip: aside from posting regularly, have good and relevant photos in every post.
Props and location are very helpful for this.

See here, my new medium-size model is proving to be very useful not only as a prop, but as a necessary tool for my fashion creations. This is the customized-sized tunic for my SIL. Its a little bigger than medium, and I've gotten the measurements from my SIL so I know its the right size. I have yet to continue crocheting about 6 inches of the lace skirt, but that seems very easy now that I've done the difficult parts ;)
Seeing it on the dress form gets me more inspired and makes me feel more professional ;)

Saturday, September 18, 2010

A new model for my crochet creations :)

I have a new model!
Shown here wearing a romantic shrug that Yoly gave to me...

And if you're wondering who's Yoly, here she is:

I met her on my Facebook page, when she shared pics of her creations made from my designs.
On her model is the red halter top she made in large size.
When I saw this photo, I realized how useful a fitting form is, and knew I needed one...I asked Yoly where she bought it, though chances are I won't be able to go buy it myself.
Fortunately, she offered to buy it for me ;) Actually, she requested her hubby to buy it...
She also asked him to accompany her to meet up with me. They were such nice friendly people and I really appreciate them making me feel welcome and not a bother at all...especially since they live a bit far from where we met-up.
Meeting another crochet buddy in the person of Yoly was such a thrill! She even brought several projects she made from my designs. She said she already made plenty of items, all from my patterns which she loved since she liked working with cotton threads.
We exchanged projects too, and I picked the cream shrug above. I gave her my purple cropped cardigan and the pattern, so she can learn to make set-in sleeves.
Hopefully, we'll meet up again soon. There wasn't enough time to chat and share each other's projects. And as usual, I forgot to take out my pocket camera so we can have a souvenir pic :(

Sunday, September 12, 2010

The junkyard, and a couple of Crochet FOs

I might have become a bit accustomed to the disturbance that is our new neighbors, but it's still annoying at times :(
Hopefully there won't be too much noise anymore from their truck deliveries. I think they've already done much banging, clanging, screeching, etc. on here, and have this to show:


Anyways, I finally got over my non-productive mode and have a couple of FO's to present.
First, my coffee shrug!
I can now call it my own since it fits me perfectly ;)


The other one is my unique and original knit/crochet tunic top!
I am happy with the overall result, but a bit disappointed that I didn't have enough of the original blue thread to finish the skirt. I instead used a darker shade of blue for the last six rounds. I also couldn't decide on the exact length to make, but I think it came out just right for my height and small body frame...

Saturday, September 04, 2010

Gifted Crochet Projects

A couple of recent photos of me and some friends, thought I would share...

Here are two of my longtime friends who visited me at home last May 1. We rarely see each other since they've been busy with work and family and live quite far from me.
In this photo, we were just having fun with my crochet work and modeling it. I wasn't able to take modeled pictures of my gifts to them. I gave to Wilma the pink romantic shrug, and to Lilian the burgundy shawl.

Another recent meet-up was with a high school classmate vacationing from California. We haven't seen her in  33 years...It was difficult to set a date for most of us previous classmates here to have a mini-reunion. So it turned out only 3 of us met that day :p
I brought along some of my crochet items, since she was admiring them online and wanted to order. Most of it were small, and fits me. But the Coffee shrug was big on me, and it fit her perfectly! She was happy to have it, and I was happy to give it too :)