Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Some sewing...

How about some sewing? of these days I'll learn to use the electric sewing machine - for now its hand-sewing. I combined my current inclination, recycling denim fabrics, sewing and crocheting.

denim and crochet

denim and crochet
I think it turned out nicely with crochet gets more interesting as I dream up other design possibilities!

denim and crochet

Friday, March 09, 2012

Latest in Crochet and other Stuff...

Recently I've made a few interesting discoveries in crochet, aside from newspaper yarn mentioned in my previous post. For one, tapestry crochet. The technique is not new and I've also made a few projects and designs using tapestry crochet. But I'm not good with colors and prints, so I have been looking for nice designs to crochet. While browsing on Ravelry I found some wonderful bag designs using tapestry crochet technique.
These are from a talented artist in Australia, Anne Churches, who specializes in creating rugs and bags. I almost bought a bag, but it would be too expensive with the shipping cost. So I thought I should at least try out one of her patterns. I think it is on an introductory price at $2.50AUD.  I bought one bag pattern, and hope to start on that project soon...
Now for a look at some projects I finished this week. Since we revived the crochet livelihood program at Project Brave Kids, I got inspired to make small items we can possibly work on in the next few weeks.
I've made a couple new designs of small doilies (5 inches in diameter) that can also be used as topper for jar covers.
crochet jar topper

I also finished two sets of glass cozies using my pattern from a few years ago, Striped Shells Glass Cozy. I published the pattern here. One ball of Cannon or Monaco cotton thread, with partial balls for contrast color will make 4 cozies. This is one set of 4, in green color:

crochet glass cozy

I hope to come up with samples of other small projects, including cellphone cases.

Last but not least, I finally finished the black tunic ordered from me!

crochet black tunic

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Recycled Fabric Crochet Hook Case - free tutorial

I've been looking for recycled fabric projects, especially those wherein I can use old or discarded denim pants I've collected over the past several years.
Now I came up with a quick and easy project for our crochet group. I'm sharing it here as well.
Simple sewing and crocheting skills will be used for this project.

Denim fabric or other thick fabric like felt, measuring at least 14 inches long by 1 1/2 inches wide,
1/4-inch garter, measuring 2 1/2 inches long, or,
Button, velcro or snaps for closure,
A few yards of crochet thread or yarn
Sewing needle, pins, measuring tape

Crochet Hook Case
1. Measure the fabric, 14 inches by 1 1/2 inches, and cut without allowance.

2. Measure 6 inches, fold up and pin into place.

If using garter for closure, position the garter at least 3/4 inch from the top of the opening, tuck in the end of the garter in between the fabric.

3. With crochet thread, sew blanket stitch across the sides and top flap.

Finished! You may now add your desired embellishments.

Here are two hook cases I made: