Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Baby Crochet

Meet my 2nd grandniece, born last March

So cute!
I haven't actually met her though, and would seldom see her since she lives outside of our city :p But when I saw her pictures I really wish I could make something for her...
I did volunteer to make the christening souvenirs, though it was a bit late. I didn't have time to experiment with other designs, so I just played safe and picked a Japanese pattern for a mini bootie. I modified it a bit, and minimized weaving of ends, (which takes up a lot of time since I needed to make 60 pieces of booties!). I planned to make 30 pairs, but fell short by 4 pairs.

Maybe I can share written instructions for these, later.

Btw, I got the free printable gift bag template here. I reduced the size, to print 2 gift bags per sheet. And the souvenir item fits perfectly in it too :)

And here are some of the baby crochet designs that I made a while back. It isn't much, so I hope I can add to it. Also its very warm here, and most booties, hats and mittens might not be of much use.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Crochet Flowers

Lots of inspiration on the web for crochet flowers and lots of free patterns too!!!
You can find most of the free patterns available online on Crochet Pattern are the Flowers.
You can also easily find what you like on Ravelry, with the photos included in the list of patterns. Try this search for free flower patterns.

And, you might want to check out my free flower patterns too :)

Friday, April 15, 2011

To knit or not...

I recently got a surprise in the mail from U.K., its this Let's Knit magazine.
Thanks so much Sis!!
I still haven't knitted anything for the past few years...and there are some yarns in my stash that are wanting to be knit ;) I just had to prioritize my crochet designs - with the limited crafting time I have. Besides, I have to relearn the basics of knitting. Good thing, this mag has very good knit instructions for beginners. Then again, it would have to wait :p
There's one adorable crochet project included though, its the Dionne tunisian crochet clutch.

Oh, and this magazine includes 2 skeins of designer yarn called Cookie!
 Actually, that's what made my sister decide to buy this issue for me :)

Saturday, April 02, 2011

Summer Crochet and a free pattern

Its summer here and the schoolyear has just ended. Its a given I have more time to crochet, but it seems I'm not so inspired. Its just too warm at times, to even do anything. And though I would love to have made some new stuff for the beach or for summer fashion...its not happening yet. I might not be able to finish up my WIPs designs till May or June :p

But here's a little something that I fancied making, inspired by the colors of the material itself. I found some of my stash of embroidery floss, and the multicolor Anchor brightened up my mood to make some crochet accessories.

Here they are in action ;)
I also had fun editing my photos and it was so easy! I just uploaded the photos on my picasa album, clicked on edit, and it brought me to site where there are plenty of options to edit and create cool photos :)

For the free pattern, you can find it here in my facebook page, and if you go look, you might want to click on "like" too :)