Sunday, October 20, 2013

Some Crafty Stuff :)

EmpireMe vintage
vintage Boye crochet hooks
I bought some vintage craft supplies on Etsy, collectible and very usable stuff. Vintage sewing threads in my favorite colors! These threads are so thin yet so strong, unlike the local sewing threads here that could break easily. I was looking only to buy the threads, but the seller also had some vintage crochet hooks...and naturally, I couldn't resist ;)
I love these...thank you EmpireMe shop!

Bergere de France
Several weeks ago I received the Bergere de France 2013-2014 catalog I requested from Bergere de France,UK...It got wet from the rain though, upon receiving I had to carefully dry out the pages before I can enjoy browsing through the beautiful models, patterns and yarn samples. Lots of yummy yarns, stylish and lovely patterns, (as usual only a few are crochet)...Hope to be able to buy some Bergere yarns next year ;)

As for crochet projects, I have more than the usual. I think we all crochet more at this time of the year. The weather here is getting colder too, and some projects are Christmas gifts for our love ones.
I made sure to gift myself first, and bought a new cellphone, ahaha...just a simple one.
I wanted to protect my phone so I crocheted a case. I was thinking of a notebook cover style, and after a failed attempt I came up with this -

Cellphone cover
I like it a lot...I already accidentally dropped my phone, and its still good as new ;)

Lately, I'm also more inclined to come up with new designs and couldn't keep up with all the design inspirations..Either I don't have enough time or I lose the idea if I didn't work on it at once. However, I managed to finish a top which made me happy. Its made from size 10 cotton thread. For now the other details will be kept secret ;)

Now to brighten up the mood, I decided to make these necklaces yesterday and I finished them today :) I've always wanted more lightweight accessories (have yet to finish a statement necklace, though...)
These designs look really nice using the Ice yarn made of paper, rayon and viscose. I hope to finish other samples using other novelty yarns in my stash.

Crocheted necklaces

Pattern coming up soon...

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Nature's way...

Today is a holiday here in observance of a muslim celebration. It would have been an ordinary holiday and a peaceful one, but today made history when a devastating earthquake hit Bohol and Cebu.
In our Crochet in the Philippines group we have two friends directly affected by the earthquake, Fatima of Crochetology in Bohol and Geraldine (gerykho) in Cebu...
Watching the news on TV is already scary... Hope they are safe and hope only few people got hurt. As of now, news say that at least a hundred people had died because of the earthquake. Damages to property were severe, including that of several old Catholic churches that were destroyed. These churches are historical and have stood the test of time, till now :(

Loboc church
Baclayon Church

Saturday, October 05, 2013

Crochet for Halloween

I'm not really into halloween activities, but here are two free patterns for halloween from my original designs. Just for fun. Hope you make one and share your project :)

Just Got Stitched-up crochet choker  Just Got Stitched-up Choker