Thursday, May 29, 2014

Crocheting Irish Motifs - wall decor :)

After painting my project table white, I was thinking of a way to add a touch of crochet to my crafting space. I already had a picture frame that fits the wall that needed a makeover. Then just in time, I got the Irish motifs crochet book I ordered...I had an aha moment when I flipped on its pages ;)
I then picked 5 motifs to make. Each one took about 20-40 mins... I wasn't sure since I was working on it on and off. And it took me about a week to finally get it all done and ready for display.

Irish Crochet Motifs
Irish Crochet Motifs
...can't wait to finish my crafting space makeover :)
I was supposed to get it all done today, but I had an attack of gastritis again, woe is me! This is what happens when I'm not too careful what I eat...

Monday, May 26, 2014

Bullion Stitch Flower - crocheting Irish motifs

As mentioned in previous post, I'm currently into irish crochet with the help of Kathryn White's The Go-to Book for Irish Crochet Motifs ;) I'm planning on making several different motifs.
Here's the 2nd one I finished. I think I made it in less than 1 hour last night...I really wasn't aware of the time as this pattern is very interesting. I had a hard time getting the bullion stitches right, though, but I was determined to finish this little flower motif :)

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Irish Crochet Motifs Book

My new books!
I already have several resource books...that sometimes I feel guilty buying another one, when I haven't used the others in my bookshelf. But, once in a while I stumble upon another good book :p
And, I just have to share here this one - The Go-to Book for Irish Crochet Motifs by Kathryn White.
I've always wanted to learn more about Irish crochet. There are lots of free patterns online, and the vintage ones look very interesting. But when I look closer, I find that I don't have enough time and patience to dig into the details of the patterns. As I see it, those were written in a different crochet language, even though its in English.
When I saw this book by Kathy White, I knew its what I needed to get into Irish crochet. Not only does it teach, it inspires creation and produces satisfying results. You will not get intimidated with padding cords ever again and will learn the techniques of Irish crochet from this book, from the best teacher. Btw, I learned the bullion stitch a few years ago, when I made the Bullion Stitch pincushion from Kathy's pattern ;)
The Go-to Book for Irish Crochet Motifs certainly lives up to its name. Its an informative, practical, and useful resource book I'll go to more often than all my other crochet books.

Here's the first motif I made. It has a padding cord (PC). Some of the patterns have a no-padding cord version, but I find its really worth the extra effort when using a PC :)

I plan on finishing a total of 5 different motifs as soon as I can...can't wait to show how I'll use the motifs ;)

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Painting and crafting...

For about a month, this table was outside waiting to be painted, and I haven't crafted anything for a while. It was too warm and I wasn't inspired to work on this or start a project :p
Then a few days ago, I resolved to stop procrastinating. I went ahead and painted this table like mad! I didn't really do a good job of sanding and painting and even accidentally spilled some paint...but finally its done and I have my project table back :)

My Project Table
Now this crafting corner needs a makeover...

Meanwhile, since I haven't been crafting recently...I would like to share my last favorite project.
Last March while my sister, my brother in-law, and my nephew were here on vacation, I got inspired to make something for my nephew. I was also then eager to work on recycled denim projects...and since there wasn't much time to make a crocheted item, I decided to do a denim book with crocheted appliques (project details on Ravelry).
Now that I don't see my nephew in person, I'm so glad to view pictures and videos of him taken by my Sis. This one she took when her son was trying to put his current favorite book in the pocket of his denim book. So cute!

Thursday, May 08, 2014

Crafting Updates

How's your crafting lately?
I've been neglecting my crafts these past several weeks...I blame the very warm weather that's not conducive to crafting. Add to that, I have gotten in the habit of shopping, even just strolling at the mall to escape the heat. However, I realize I can't afford spending much and now I should get back to work!
First, I had to take care of the painting job on my working table. This had been waiting outside for a while, now I think I'm going to finish the job by tomorrow. I probably needed a little push, and I did get one when I met up yesterday with my friend, Cat. I think we both decided to focus more on crafting and designing and avoid distractions ;)

project table
project table

Vogue Knitting Crochet 2013
Even though its not in my wishlist, I consider myself lucky to find this issue at a local bookstore for only P70.! That's one advantage of going out shopping at the mall ;)

And now for a bit of an investment, I ordered this photography book from a crafting friend and got it after several weeks. There were some surprise items in the package too, thanks Fe!
That was before I found out about The Book Depository...where shipping is free ;)

I hope to be more productive and apply the photography tips that I'll learn from this book :))