Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Crochet a Santa Hat - free pattern

Playful Santa Hat
by Mimi Alelis, © 2010
An easy and fun holiday project to make for anyone in the family.
Pattern/project details on Ravelry: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/playful-santa-hat

Note: this pattern has been slightly modified as of December 2017, to improve the shaping and fit. I'll upload recent projects soon as available.

Sizes: Adult (child)
Red Heart 3-ply yarn (or other locally available acrylic yarn), 4 (3) skeins (15gm each) red, 2 skeins white
Crochet Hook size 4mm.
Gauge: 9 sts and 4 rows in dc = 2 inches
Stitches used:
ch = chain, sc = single crochet, hdc = half-double crochet, dc = double-crochet
dc2tog = [Yarn over, insert hook in next stitch, yo and pull up loop, yo, draw through 2 loops] 2 x, yo, draw through all loops on hook.

Note: Ch 2 at the beginning of hdc rows count as hdc.
Row 1: With white yarn, ch 14 (11), hdc in 3rd ch from hook and on each ch across, turn. (13, 10 hdc)
Row 2: Ch 2, hdc in back loop only of each hdc across, turn. (13, 10 hdc)
Rows 3 – onward: Repeat row 2 until it measures 20 (18) inches across rows unstretched, or desired fit around head, ending with an even numbered row (sample shown in adult size is up to 60 rows).
Match the edge of first row with the last row. Join by slip stitching in the back loop of last row and the foundation ch of 1st row, in each st across. Fasten off white.
Note: Crown of hat is worked in a spiral, put a marker at the beg of each rnd, and move the marker up as you go. (You may use a slightly bigger hook for the crown for a looser fit.)
Rnd 1: Attach red on the edge of first row of band, ch 1, sc on same st, (ch 1, sc on edge of next row) repeat around. Ch 1, do not join.
Rnd 2: Sc in 1st sc of rnd 1, hdc in ch1 sp, (2 dc in next ch1 sp, dc in next ch1 sp) repeat around.
Rnd 3: Hdc in sc, dc in hdc, dc in back loop only of each dc around. (Note: from hereon all stitches will be done in back loops only)
Rnd 4: Dc in each dc around.
Rnd 5: Dc in each dc, with dc2tog every 9th and 10th st.
Rnd 6 & 7: Repeat rnd 4.
Rnd 8: Dc in each dc, with dc2tog every 7th and 8th st.
Rnd 9 & 10: Repeat rnd 4.
Rnd 11: Dc in each dc, with dc2tog every 5th and 6th st
Rnds 12: Repeat rnd 4.
Rnds 13 - 20: Repeat rnd 11 and rnd 4, four times.
Adult size only:
Rnds 21 - 24: Repeat rnd 11 and rnd 4, two times.
All sizes:
Rnd 25 (21):  Dc in each dc, with dc2tog every 3rd and 4th st.
Rnd 26 (22): Dc in each dc around.
Last rnd:
Remove marker; (dc in next 2 dc, dc2tog next 2 dc) repeat continuously, until about 4 sts remain. Fasten off.
Weave in ends. Make a pompom from white yarn and sew at the tip.
(Note: Here's a Google search for making your own pompoms.)

Playful Santa Hat, by Mimi Alelis
(pattern for personal use only, do not copy or post anywhere else)

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Knitting and Crochet Stuff...

These past few weeks, and the next several weeks is all messed up at home :p Whatever, its mostly beyond my control. So I just do the thing that keeps me out of trouble (or most probably keeps my mind off it) - crochet.

I've just finished a new design, but can't show it yet. But I can tell you its a cap sleeve cardigan, made in one piece from the top to the bottom, and I like it a lot ;)

Also worth mentioning, I've got me two knitting books at Booksale store...couldn't resist the price of only P40. each - Knitted Sock Sensations and Naughty Needles, both have patterns and instructions suitable for the less experienced knitter like me.
In a used clothing store, I bought one pullover just because its handknitted and the yarn is very nice. If I don't get to wear it, I can rip and reuse the yarn ;)

And here, just off my hook is my next free pattern offering - a santa hat. Coming soon...

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Wearing a Crochet Scarf

A scarf can add warmth, complete a look or define your style. Since it doesn't get too cold here, crochet cotton scarfs would be a good choice, especially if you can make it yourself! There are plenty of patterns to choose from, and you can pick the color you like from available cotton threads :)
There are many more ways to wear a scarf, than I'm familiar with. Here are some basic scarf tying techniques that I tried with my crochet scarves:

1. The No-Tie Tie. You can’t get any easier than this: Just drape it around your neck, and voila!
When to do it: When you’re wearing a necklace, or when you want to break up a mono-chromatic outfit with a long splash of color.

2. The Simple Knot Tie. It’s so easy you haven’t even thought about it yet. Just drape it around your neck and tie it in a basic knot – like the first step of tying a bow – that hits just above your bra cups. Rearrange the tails a little so that they fall one in front of the other (as opposed to side-by-side), cleverly hiding the simplicity of the knot. When to do it: To spice up a yoga pants & t-shirt ensemble, with a v-neck tee.

3. The Backwards Wrap Tie. Drape your scarf backwards around your neck, so that the center is flush against your throat and the tails fall down your back. Take the tail falling over your right shoulder blade and bring it across your back and over your left shoulder so it falls down the left side of your chest, and repeat with the opposite side. Keep it wrapped tightly for a polished look, or slouch it down a bit for a more relaxed vibe. When to do it: Instead of a statement necklace, to cover up a spit-up stain on your shoulder.

4. The Backwards Wrap + Knot Tie. Complete look # 3, then add look # 2. Presto Scarf-o! When to do it: Under a buttoned up blazer with the tails hanging out past the hem, when your scarf is super long.

5. Button-Hole Tie. Fold your scarf in half (making it half as long) and drape it around your neck so that you have both tails hanging over one shoulder and the folded center over the other. Open up the folded center a bit to create a button-hole, and thread the the tails through the hole. When to do it: With big earrings, with your hair up, when you’re getting cold.

Featured scarf patterns:
Summer Shells Scarf
Stylish Chain Scarf

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Latest crochet FOs and patterns...

Hi there! Seems I've been away here for a while...I'm loving crocheting and designing again :)
I hope this top I'm working on now will turn out right; I've ripped and reworked several times already...but its looking good so far ;)

Btw, here's the finished bangle from the previous post. I wore it last time we went out for dinner. I like it a lot... though it looks and feels like a wristwarmer ;) 

My brother's g.f. modelling it for me:

And here are my latest original patterns for sale...only $2.50 each!
These fashionable accessories are so practical for the cooler weather during this time of the year.

made from Bernat Camouflage WW acrylic yarn

made from Lion Brand Wool-ease 

These two neck accessories are one-ball projects made from Cannon size 8 thread. Both patterns are made from basically the same 3-row pattern repeat using chain loops to create a soft and lovely fabric.
All these patterns are available on Ravelry.