Monday, August 28, 2006

Crochet for Baby

Here it is at last, a baby set ordered by my Sis. She asked me to make some baby items for her friend who had a baby last month. (Sorry this took me a month sis, but anyway I think this is for size 3-6 mos. old)
I got the basic pattern for the halter from a crochetville member. I estimated the baby size from this site. Lastly, I got the flower pattern from Yarncat.

Hat, booties and small flowers are from my own patterns =)

Materials: 2 balls Anchor size 8 cotton thread, KAM03.
Crochet hook size 2mm for hat and booties, 2.5mm for halter dress.

Cute Gifts

I got these from my sis, I thought of making the baby halter with this yarn, but it was acrylic. I think it would make a cute stuff toy or a kids purse.
And the stickers are too cute! Thanks Sis!

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Chie's lil' brown bag

Hi! Its been a while since I posted a finished project. I recently got the pattern for this little bag from Chie. I wanted to work with some of my yarns, as I had mostly crocheted with thread for the past several weeks.
I didnt have the cotton yarn indicated in the pattern, so I used two strands of my local WW acrylic yarn (Carmencita). I also used a 4.5mm hook and achieved approximately the right gauge.
This bag is very practical to carry along when one needs just a few essentials. It can hold a cellphone, wallet, small hairbrush, pressed powder, and lipstick.
Pattern details on Ravelry.

Crochet Designer's Dilemma

Saturday, August 19, 2006

A bit of cleaning up...

Hi! I've been cleaning up my blog today and found some ways to tidy it up.
First, I made sure all my past projects are linked at the sidebar, in case someone wants to take a look, or is searching for a specific item.

Next, I had to do something with that archives list that has become long already after 15 months of blogging. Now I have this:

I saw it on my friend CL's blog, so I just asked her how she did it and she sent me the link. Thanks CL!

Next, I thought there must be some site also to be able to generate a drop down menu for the other lists in my sidebar. I found this site on the first page of google search. But I havent tried it yet. Instead, I made a page for my crochet blogs links, so I can just put a link to that page on my sidebar, and free up some space.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

My Favorites

Hi! Here are a some of my current favorites for fun and learning:

First, a funny blog
What Not to Crochet . I was really giggling at the stuff and most of all at the author's comments.

Second, my favorite comedian/actor is Jerry Seinfeld and I'm really having a good time reading his book:

Here's an excerpt.

Third, an exercise video, Jane Fonda's Prime-Time Workout. I've been using this since the late 80's! Not regularly though, just when I feel its time to get serious on exercise. Then, when I feel good again, I can go back to my unhealthy habits :p

Fourth, my favorite author/illustrator is Andrew Matthews. I love his self-help books, very practical and very funny too. One of his books that I have:

Here's an excerpt.

Lastly, my current favorite T.V. shows are:

The Simpsons
and Martha

Saturday, August 12, 2006

More Baby Pics

My firstborn (who is now 21 yrs old!), just loved to get attention and was always willing to pose for a shot.

Here he is at about 10 months old, making a face ;)
He always needed something to occupy him and he loved books ever since he was a baby.

Its obvious I was obssessed taking pictures of him!
He enjoys playing with stuff toys, but I can see how much he longed to play with kids of his age. (He didnt have a brother until he was 4 1/2 yrs old.) Sometimes his girl cousins visit and they have fun playing together.

He was between 2 and 3 yrs old in this photo, taken when we had a beach outing.
Look he's wearing a nautical outfit I had sewn for him! I had a hard time finishing this, as I wasnt really into sewing. I just followed the instructions and patterns in this book. (Here is the model in the book.)

Crochet Strap

I just finished the guitar strap for my son, but it was far from perfect. The holes were a bit big (but I can crochet 1 small round in it to make it smaller), and it was quite longer than what he wanted, so I will have to fold part of it and sew it to secure.

I told him I was going to take a pic, but not show his face but just focus on the guitar, but he moved away so this is what I got :p

I just wanted to show how it looks. I used 2 balls of Cannon thread on this, one row of dc on the front loop and another row on the back loop, then joined together the two rows with one row of sc, it was a pain! But I like the thick texture and the feel of cotton. He didnt like the color pattern so much (though he was the one who picked the thread). Now he wants a blue and white stripe one!

Sunday, August 06, 2006

21 years ago....

...obviously, he wasnt ready for the shot, but mom is...

This is the main reason why I wanted to have a scanner...Most of our old photos had turned yellow, and are just hidden somewhere. We had hundreds of photos when the kids were babies up to the time they were in elementary school. Most of it needed to be cropped and edited to be appreciated.
I hope I can accomplish this difficult task, I know my sons will love to have this, especially later on to share with their own family ;)

For now, here's a small tribute to my son, who was born this day 21 years ago. Happy Birthday, my dear son!

...learned to crawl, walk and talk quite early...

...loves action figurines, but also soft, cuddly toys (see the alf and ninja turtle, those were his faves...) five years old, emceeing in pre-school wearing our national costume ...

...a solo number with the choir...

...more on next post...

Saturday, August 05, 2006

...21 years and more to come...

with younger brother, just graduated from High School, class of 2003

at his cousin's halloween debut party.

in action

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Crochet and more...

I guess you've had enough looking at my scrunchies so I wont be showing you any more (but here's a closer view you'll be surprised to see)...hehe...
I know that there are tons of scrunchie patterns out there, it is really hard to choose, so I stick to my own pattern. The colors and the assorted beads some of which were recycled from bracelets and necklaces, make each piece different. I also like to say that it is in the wearing, that a scrunchie pattern is put to the test. Those who got my scrunchies loved wearing them =)

So aside from my little WIP's, I have some patterns to test for my designer friends. One of it is a purse made of WW yarn and its details are still secret for now, until my friend is ready to announce it.
The other two patterns that I cant wait to test is for Kathy. I'm really looking forward to wear one of Kathy's designs =)

Lastly, I finally bought a scanner after thinking about it for several months. My son immediately said, "where did you get the money?, we could have bought lots of food with it" :p I told him he still gets to eat his favorite pizzas and chocolate bars, so he shouldnt say that. Besides, am I not working hard to justify this pretty good investment??