Saturday, September 14, 2019

My Crochet Library

Whether you're an aspiring crochet artist, an experienced crocheter or even a beginner, you most probably have your own growing collection of books and printed materials on crochet. As for me, I thought at the start it would take very long and costly to fill up a bookshelf with crochet books. But thanks to the Book Depository - I now have a good enough collection.
I usually find there the book I like on any topic, just by searching on their website. Ordering online is so convenient, that's why its so tempting for me to buy books! Best of all, there's no shipping fee! FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE - for those of us here in the Philippines, we are terrified of shipping fees from abroad, because it often doubles up the cost of the item for us.
Here are just some of the crochet books I have ordered from The Book Depository

And here's one I just ordered and on the way to me: The latest and hottest crochet book by London Kaye,

wait....there's more!

For orders from the Philippines, get a 10% discount using code PH10, up to Sept. 22. Browse now at the Book Depository