Sunday, April 22, 2012

Some unfinished business...

The results are out for the Crochet Calendar 2013 contest winners and accepted submissions. I really don't know how to win the contest, but I'm glad my two patterns are included in the calendar. If you are interested to know the contents of the calendar its here. Now I've yet to see if I'll promptly receive my free copy. Based on what happened for the 2011 crochet calendar owed me, it was disappointing since I had to pay tax for it, which won't be the case if they sent it by USPS mail. I don't know the procedure with DHL, but its a hit and miss. The other years I wasn't charged any, but this was the second time I was billed for tax. I paid for it anyway, and thought I'd ask for another really FREE copy. I was promised a free copy, but it NEVER came. Surely, they did promise me that since they were still looking for submissions for the 2013 calendar...and I fell for it....hahahah!

The cap-sleeved cardigan design is another unfinished business. It has been accepted along with two other designs. But its becoming frustrating now that it has dragged on for more than a year. This isn't surprising though...

By the way, I've been making items to sell on consignment...I've actually been able to deliver some to my friend's new store here in Quezon City.
I don't know how to keep up making items, as I still haven't found a crochet worker around here. I'm not so inclined to spend that much time...not knowing what items would sell, and not quite sure how to price it...but I'm really thankful for this opportunity.

In the meantime I think I should work more on wearable designs...before I change my mind again :p
Oh...and there's more unfinished business - in my would-be craftroom. Which brings me back on all the above unfinished businesses. Because most of the things I want to accomplish for my craftroom requires some spending! hahahah....

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Better late than later...

I finally registered on Twitter and Pinterest!

I really don't like to have so many websites to keep track of, but Pinterest is calling me, seeing that there are several visits to my blog from pins.
I guess a Facebook Page isn't enough. I need to join in the crowd on Twitter and Pinterest as well. With that, I needed to register a Twitter account too... (note: I never use any app on my FB account)
Actually, I was following this blog, and she posted about Pinterest. I realized what I was missing on those sites.

Come follow me...please? I'll be sure to follow you too ;)

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Time for change...with some crochet, some sewing, and probably some knitting ;)

Nowadays there are so many lovely free crochet patterns on the web. For me, there is not much need for more crochet patterns; on the other hand, there are so many opportunities for trying out patterns that are already available. I don't want to miss out on so many wonderful designs!
Btw, I highly recommend Pierrot Yarns patterns since local cotton thread can be used for most of their designs.
I also like Garnstudio patterns so much, but most of their patterns use yarns that would be difficult to substitute with cotton thread. If one can purchase the yarns stated in the pattern, so much better!

I still have a few surprising designs coming up, though ;)...
but for now here are some of my recent projects:

pierrot crochet bag
this bag from Pierrot Gosyo. I'm halfway on this, but I'm modifying the main bag pattern since it isn't working for the yarn substitution I made. But I liked the doily appliques so much, and followed the pattern.

crochet cellphone case

This cellphone case I made to fit exactly the phone I'm using. The pattern by Lydia Busek is customizable. Details on this post.

tshirt shrug with crochet insert

My sewing project, T-shirt shrug with crochet insert.There's not much sewing here though...more details here on Ravelry.

crochet chain necklace

And lastly, here's a quick and simple fashion makeover I made using yarn and upcycled T-shirt (the bottom part of the T-shirt shrug!), and a bit of crochet. More details here.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

I'd rather have a craft room...

...than a bedroom. So I finally decided to get rid of the bed! It was such a relief to be able to walk around freely in my room, and be able to begin the task of restyling it to a craft room. Not that it would be marvelous or anything like that, but its one big step towards my goal. Hopefully, I'll be more productive than in previous years and I won't be leaving works in progress on the dining table, or on the sofa, or on the computer table ;) (at least not most of the time...hehe)
I have fantasized a while back about a room makeover, that I'd have to do on a shoestring budget. Nothing getting rid of the bed, which is too bulky for me anyway, is the kick-off for the much needed makeover. (I'll be sleeping on a folding mattress for now, and when things go well I'll be able to buy a sofa bed ;) I feel like I'm camping out, but its really not bad.
I was then able to give the bed to my brother who still has growing children. They are currently moving to their own place after having rented an apartment for so many years. (Yay!)

Lucky me, I was able to ask another brother for a table he's not using much anymore. I thought it would be perfect for my sewing projects! It just needs some finishing, but I think I'll just buy upholstery fabric to cover up the top. Oh, and I need to buy a comfy chair as well...haha.

Lastly, I'd like to show here on another corner of my room where I put the sewing machine that my sister-in-law gave me over a year ago. I think I'll be able to put it to use now that it has its own well-deserved place in my craft room :)))

Monday, April 02, 2012

More sewing and a free crochet pattern

Still into recycling denim, I have a pile of unwanted jeans waiting to become useful ;) ...Aside from the initial project that I made - the denim coasters, I also finished two wine gift bags. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a photo before sending it off :p
Other than that, I've collected lots of design inspirations from the web. One of which I based this sewing project - Denim jeans apron:

denim jeans apron

Btw, I uploaded this sewing project on Burda. If you're there too, let me know so I can add you as friend and view your projects ;)

Before taking a break this holy week, I'm sharing a crochet pattern - mini doily or jar topper. I got inspired to make this since I wanted a jar topper doily that fits right and looks dainty as well.