Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Crochet Necklaces

Hi! You might not have noticed I was gone, I was away from the computer for 4 days! I have gone to a 4-day vacation to Hongkong, it was great! I'll share some pics later.
Had a lot of catching up to do, in housework and in crochet, of course!
Just in time, I got hold of Rachel's necklace patterns as soon as it came out!
Here's the first pattern I tried, its named Multi Strand Magic Necklace, I did it in black, the first one with dark green beads. And I did another one with some variation, I replaced the crocheted dc's with additional pearl beads.

Another necklace I just made - the Petal Pendant Necklace! I used Cannon size 8 and 1.5mm(no.5) hook.

I would love to try all of the neckwear patterns, I'll be buying or hunting more beads later this week :D

Update: I wore the Petal Pendant necklace when I went out today to mail some packages at the P.O. My friend there noticed it right away and kept saying it was pretty and she couldnt keep her eye off it...I took it as a compliment, and I gave her the necklace! Taking a closer look, she said I was really good in crochet. I told her it was designed by a friend ;)

When I came home, I couldnt wait to make another one. I wanted to make it in different colors. I made one in the same color as above and another one in lavender:

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Flower Earrings

Here's another mani di fata-inspired creation. I used Anchor perle cotton and 1.25mm hook for these.

Flower Keychain

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Its my Blogiversary!

Image taken from Bloggers blog

Yay! Its my first blogiversary and like any first anniversaries or birthdays this one is important to me.
Honestly, before I had this blog, it seemed like I had nothing. Or maybe I didnt want anything anymore... I was going nowhere.
Now I have some direction, and I'm enjoying the ride!
There were lots of people I met along the way, even online I know the ones who just stare, look and turn the other way. I also know some who look and steal, and pretend they dont know me. I know the ones who arent gracious enough to say "hi" or "thank you" in return, or acknowledge anything coming from me.
Having said that, I would like to acknowledge the following people who have been a source of my inspiration within the past year that I have blogged. These people just by being themselves extended their kindness and thoughtfulness to me by means of their comments, emails, generous gifts through swaps and RAOKs, sincere acceptance of my gifts, help in my business of selling threads and patterns, and some through their blog gave a good example of truthfulness and open-mindedness which I admire. I'm also thanking each and every one who has left a comment in my blogs and in the forums and all who have bought threads from me. Thank you!
To the very talented and remarkable lady, Kathy, who has been very gracious and generous in sharing her time and talent to everyone in crochet, thank you so much!
Special mention again to the following:
Alisha, Barb, Beth, Chie, CL, Deneen, Elizabeth, Fe, Jaye, Jeng, Kimberly, Lucy, Pam, Rachel, Raquel, Roli, Shaylen, Stacie, Tina, Ulla, Vik, Yasmin and of course, my dear sister =), and the wonderful people from Coats Manila Bay. Thank you all!!!

Monday, May 08, 2006

Flower keychain

This is my most recent creation. I used Anchor multicolor embroidery floss and 1.4mm (size 6) steel hook. I just made a small flower and sewed it to a ring which was crocheted with sc's around. This can also be made into a pair of earrings or a pendant. I got the idea for this from mani di fata.

Here are other keychain accessories I made.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Happy Blogiversary to Me! (in a few days...)

Hi to all my friends and viewers, crocheters and non-crocheters who come to read my blog =) On May 17 I'm celebrating my first blogiversary. I hope you share in my excitement to highlight this event ;)
First of all, maybe I should give some relevant statistics too regarding my blog. Here are some accomplishments and trivia in my almost one year of blogging:

A year ago:
* I didnt know that blogs have already existed for several years before I started, I was totally amazed at the possibilities for creating my own blog...
* Like some of you, I started with no knowledge at all of html. I just learned everything step by step through trial and error...
* I didnt expect that I would be able to fill up this blog with this much in one year. For me, it has been a very productive year in crocheting and blogging...
* I didnt expect that I would be posting about receiving beautiful yarns from some wonderful people abroad, a year ago I didnt have any reason going to the post office!
* I didnt expect that I would have any business at all, selling threads and patterns...
* I didnt expect I would be designing and selling some of my patterns - all of you were my inspiration...

* I have had 42,350 + visits, and 90,000 + page views...(that includes my own visit, which is at least once a day ;)
* I have had 402 comments to this date (not counting my own...hehe...)
* I have made 116 posts and 60 of it are regarding my crochet projects...
* Visitors have come here mainly for the free patterns and interesting links (if you're still reading this, most probably you are my friend!)...
* Visitors have come mostly from U.S., and many more from all over: Canada, U.K., Europe, Russia, Asia, Africa, Australia (perhaps soon from Mars...)

Enough of that, now some good news for you ;)
In keeping with blog tradition of hosting a contest or giving out prizes on one's blogiversary, I came up with something too. Well, I find this occasion worth celebrating even more than my birthday, so I' m doing this ;) This isnt really a contest, and there's no big prize. I just thought of something, will tell more about this later... I have listed some 20 people who have inspired me through comments, emails and through their kindness and generosity. Here goes (in alphabetical order): Alisha, Barb, Beth, Chie, CL, Deneen, Elizabeth, Fe, Jaye, Jeng, Kimberly, Lucy, Pam, Rachel, Raquel, Shaylen, Stacie, Tina, Ulla, Vik, Yasmin and of course, my dear sister =) Thank you all!!!

Driving an electric golf cart to work!

How I wish that is possible here, then I would just sell my car and buy a golf cart! Something like this:

Everyone's finances is being drained mostly by high fuel costs. It seems a lawmaker is starting a trend, as he drives a golf cart to his office to save on gas. (see article)

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Computer Bugs!

These are bugs that you would want to have on your computer :)

I havent crocheted any toy for as long as I can remember, but when I saw these computer bugs at the forum, I immediately responded to a call for pattern testers =) These would make such cute little gifts for the picky ones. I was surprised that my 20 yr. old took notice of it, perhaps thinking {{{maybe my g.f. would like this}}}... But my 16 yr. old wasnt a bit impressed :p But I'm quite sure kids would love these ;)
These cute bugs were designed by Kristie (that's a link to her free pattern on the 'ville), she's only started writing patterns. I'll be posting it when her patterns become available for sale.
Update: Computer Bugs Patterns are now for sale! at Kristie's etsy shop, here.