Thursday, August 23, 2007

Crocheted goodies

I haven't tried any of the patterns found on this site, but I think I will make some one day. They seem to be easy and quick projects and make great gifts especially for kids, or can be used as table decor. Also a wonderful way to use up leftover yarns. I found the link when I was browsing at Crochetville and saw this post.
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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Baby Hat, pattern finished!

Remember this project?
I made this a couple of years ago, and posted it here on my blog. It is one of my designs included in the 2007 Crochet Pattern-a-day Calendar. But I didn't know for sure if it was accepted then, since I only submitted a photo of the project. So I was surprised that it was included, and they just repeated the instructions for the baby mittens pattern, which was also featured there. Here's how it looked in the CPAD:

Now at last, I finished writing the pattern! I had to find some inspiration in making another hat, so that I could write the pattern clearly. The inspiration came when a nice lady emailed and asked for the pattern, saying that she wanted to make it for a baby gift this September.
I also made some improvement on the pattern, and I think the sizing is more accurate now.
Then I decided to add something new to the hat I just made - a crocheted ribbon.

Ribbon pattern copyright by Mimi Alelis, 2007
Row 1: With the same size hook used for the hat, take the contrasting color (pink), ch 75. Sc in 2nd ch from hook and on each ch across. Cut off.
Row/rnd 2: Attach main color (white) at opposite end, ss on 1st st, (ch 1, ss on next st) repeat all around the top and bottom of sc row. Join to the 1st st of this round. Cut off.
Weave in ends.
Tie into a bow and sew it on the hat band.

*Baby Cotton Hat pattern is available for download on Ravelry, here*

Update: I just found a free pattern for a cute pair of maryjane booties by Liz, made from thread. It looks like a perfect match for this baby hat.

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Friday, August 17, 2007

What's on my hook and what just got off my hook...

Another rainy day, and fortunately or unfortunately, classes were cancelled again, now for the third day in a row. Our crochet group meeting was likewise cancelled for today.
I always am in the right mood to finish up some projects soon as the air gets cold, and most of all when staying at home is advised.
So what have I been hooking?
Depends on what size of hook ;)

On my 1.5 steel hook:
A set of star coasters about to be finished

Another set of glass cozies (need to make one more to finish the set)

A variation of the basic glass cozy pattern I made:

A new coaster design for christmas:

On my 2.5 aluminum hook:
My cotton top design which need to be revised (sorry this is taking too long...)

On my 4mm hook:
A square that I'm about to send off to someone putting an afghan together (sorry for the delay...)

Another lazy cat (pattern from Kristie's Kreations) which I needed to sew together to look like this one I finished before.

Lastly, but not included in the title...a very old project that I dug in my closet. This a pair of legwarmers made from yarn that doesn't have a label. Its acrylic and its a bit itchy. I liked the color though, but this was already faded from washing. I remembered this project upon seeing Pearlin's Wip, the yarn looks very similar...

Friday, August 10, 2007


Project Brave Kids
Interested to help or want to know more about the organization? They've launched their new website. They will soon link also to the Habing Buhay livelihood project site. There you will see the items that we have made and are offering for sale.

Coats update
Click on the above link (update on Mimi's Crochet Stuff) to see what's new as of July! I guess there isn't much to it, but at least I have updated the page :p Please view to see some photos you might have missed here on my blog ;)

Shrug update
After making 2 shrugs, I think I'll move on to other items :p
However, I have shown the shrug to our group and they liked it, and want to make it too. But I've yet to find some bigger hooks for them, since the 1.5mm they use for the coasters wont do. I use from 2mm to 3mm hook for garments.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Busy Day

This is the view from my sofa where I watch TV and crochet ;) Looks like it isn't going to be a rainy day after all...but it's a welcome break for students (and those who drive them to school) since last Monday and Tuesday, when going to school was difficult because of the rains.

I go outside the door and think its a good day to go to the supermarket or do some window shopping at the mall...
Oops, my car isn't going anywhere today. My brother called on a mechanic to fix it since the oil was leaking. (Now I have a good excuse to go back to the sofa and crochet.)

I also took a snap shot at the construction going on in our place. Work is going full time on my brother's kitchen. Pretty soon he and his g.f's baking business is going to grow...(and maybe our sizes will grow too as we eat the irresistible goodies ;)

Later in the day, I finished another shrug. Unfortunately, its still small :(
...its too tight on my arms.
In case you're wondering, I prefer to take my own pictures on the mirror. Not that I can't find anyone to take the pic, but its much faster this way. And the not so clear pics won't show too much of the flaws ;)

I used up exactly 2 balls of Cannon thread on this one. For the first one (shown on my previous post) I used Anchor Lifestyles thread size 8.

More rains...

More rains expected tomorrow and classes continue to be suspended for the second day. The typhoon that just passed was welcomed though, because of the water shortage and drought (read news). Now another typhoon is coming, but hopefully its not a strong one (more...).

Looks like I'll be staying at home the whole day...and of course, I'll be working on my crochet projects ;)
Here's one I just finished. Its a simple shrug - I wanted one for myself, but unfortunately this one turned out small.
Anyway...I already started on another one :p

Friday, August 03, 2007

Random Pics

Peaches and cream cake - one of several desserts that my future SIL made when my sister and bf was here.

Three's company - one of the few occasions to hang out with my sister and her b.f. during their short visit here, together with my son and his g.f... we dined out and later strolled at the mall/park.

Peek-a-boo Shrug - the shrug I made for my sister's b.f.'s niece. Hopefully, they'll send me a picture of her modeling it ;) This was a quick project, and I made it from one skein of Peek-a-boo yarn, made in UK.