Monday, July 31, 2006

More Scrunchies and a Crocheted Strap

Aside from working on the diagrams of my designs, I made some small stuff that give me a sense of accomplishment.
Here are the scrunchies I made, I finished 7, and another one is almost done. I actually like all these colors, I plan to make more so I can keep some for myself ;)
(Previous scrunchies made are here.)

Again I modeled one. I love using cotton thread for this. I can wear it on my thin hair and it doesnt fall off ;)

This one is a thick strap done with one strand of Cannon cotton thread. Its 1.3meters long and I'm 1/2 done with its width. My son (the 16 yr. old) custom ordered it from me. I'll leave you to guess what this is for ;)

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

A Wonderful Package

I got a big box of goodies from Tina yesterday! The box wasnt a surprise, but the goodies in it were ;) She sent me some edible goodies and some crafty goodies. Here's all of it. I love everything! I cant thank you enough, Tina :D

And here's a closer look at the crafty stuff. The bear and all the trimmings on it was handmade by her, you may want to look at a close-up of it here. Its very pretty, thanks Tina!
Also, I now have 6mm needles and I'll be able to use it when I knit WW yarn :D I also find the Clover point protectors very useful, to keep my WIP safe. Again, thanks for everything, Tina!

Happy Birthday, Kimberly!!!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Snowflakes made from cotton threads with metallics

I think its about time to be making some snowflakes, so we'll have plenty by the holidays. I looked at the free patterns at Crochet Pattern Central and picked several that I really liked.
Here's the first two:

Pattern - Snowflake #3 from Aly Hymel
I used Cannon, size 8 thread, with size 6 hook (1.4mm) for the one on the left and Anchor, size 10, also with size 6 hook for the one on the right. Anchor thread with metallic Cannon thread with metallic. Both cotton threads had a metallic thread woven in it. It takes a little practice to get used to working with the threads, sometimes it gets tangled or the hook gets stuck on the metallic. But after a while, you can learn how to work on it as regular thread. I was pleased working with both the Cannon and Anchor and the items made look lovely ;) Using the same size hook can result in approximately the same measurement, but the Anchor size 10 will be lighter and lacier.

Above photo shows the same snowflake #3 from Aly Hymel, and the one on the right is a Snowflake pattern from Yule Family Christmas site
Both were made from Cannon with metallic thread, size 8, using size 6 hook.

WIP: Snowflake Ornament from Lee's World

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Crocheted Scrunchie with Beads

I've had this scrunchie pattern for years, have made dozens before and sold or gave it away. Now I decided to make some again. I was inspired by some cute beads I bought a week ago in a craft store at the mall. I know its more expensive there, but I only needed a handful.
By the way, I was at the mall to view the exhibit of needlecrafts contest winners put up by Coats Manila Bay. I saw the beautiful crocheted tablecloths and wonderful cross-stitched and framed wall decors that won the top prizes. I intended to share some photos, but unfortunately I forgot to bring my camera :(
I thought I shouldnt go home empty-handed, since I drove that far, so I decided to stop by the craft store and buy a little something.
Anyway, here are the two scrunchies that I made. Pattern can be found here.
July 28 - Edited to add one more scrunchie made ;)

More scrunchies here.

Here I put on the purple one and tried hard to get a good shot of it ;)

Friday, July 21, 2006

RAOKs received, Thank you FGMs!

Some of you reading this may be wondering what the title means. Random Acts of Kindness (RAOK) and Fairy GodMother (FGM) are usual at Crochetville. Members can join the wishing well by making their own wishlist and/or granting wishes to others.
Yesterday and today I received some from 2 fairy godmothers.

A lovely postcard of Clearwater beach, a pattern sheet for a cool belt, and a Clover thread cutter pendant made it here from Palm Harbor, Florida! Thank you Mary Jo, it was so sweet and thoughtful of you!

I also received this very cute knitting book for babies and pets. It came from an anonymous FGM from Seagoville, Texas. It came with a cute little note, saying that she hopes I knit... I do, I've knitted a few projects and cant wait to take up knitting again and make some wonderful little gifts from this book. Thanks so much FGM!

Monday, July 17, 2006

Little Orange Hat

I made an orange hat for a little Dutch baby girl. But I didnt realize it came late for her to wear when the Dutch people were cheering for their team in the World Cup, since I was hardly any kind of sports fan.
Here are the Dutch fans all in orange.

And here's Ijendu:

(photos courtesy of my sis)

Friday, July 14, 2006

Thank You

Today I got a package from Kathy. It took quite a while, as it sometimes does, but finally its here ;)
Thanks so much Kathy, for thinking of me to send these threads and hooks, all carefully packed. The Flora size 20 threads are so smooth and silky, and I'm sure its so nice to work with. I love the variegated peach and white combination. And now I can practice some more on the bullion stitch with these inline hooks!...Can't wait to try these with one of Kathy's designs ;)

I would also like to thank you all for regularly visiting my blog and for your comments especially on my new designs, it inspires me more.
I did not make this bolero, though, I bought it several months ago in a mall here. I just used it for inspiration to be able to come up with my own designs. Incidentally, when I looked at the motifs, I noticed that those were the same motifs I saw in a Leisure Arts pattern booklet from my then secretpal, Tina. (Here it is at the back cover) The flowers were done differently, though. So, the main thing I learned from this is how to use square motifs to make a bolero :p

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Time for another Update ;)

Story here.
Before my intended post, I would like to condemn the terrorist bombings in Mumbai. To Raquel, Yasmin, Vims and Swapna...this is terrible, I hope you and your loved ones are safe. This shouldnt happen anywhere. Even here in my country, they are now more alert, fearing that commuter trains can possibly be bombed by terrorists.

Back here at home
There are no classes in schools today, because of the harsh weather.

These bamboo branches just outside our fence are swaying in different directions.

There's no storm here, but sudden onset of strong winds and rain... I decided to stay home, so I just postponed going to the P.O. to mail an order and some little presents. I was also supposed to get a package, I think its a crochet-related present.

Looking at our backyard, I noticed some Rambutan fruits are getting ripe and the tree promises a lot of this delicious fruit in the weeks to come.

Bag Finished!
Now on to a sneak preview of my new bag design.
Sorry, I had to keep the photo small, since this isnt for sale yet.

This is a bigger and better version of a sack bag. Its my favorite to make simply because I dont need to sew a zipper for its closure! The crocheted drawstring cord and the handle are from my own, original pattern. Of course the body shaping is my own design too, and I've not seen anything similar done in crochet.
I've not tried the pattern with acrylic yarn, but since I used 4mm hook for this cotton bag, I know that WW acrylic will work to the approx same measurement.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Crochet Update

Hi! Recently, I had the urge to pull out some old crochet stuff that I stacked up on the highest shelf of my closet, several years ago. I posted some pictures here.
And there's another toy I rediscovered, its a stuffed dumbbell. I just made it up one day, when my son got tired of his old toys. Now I thought of recreating it and writing up the pattern. Then, an idea popped into my mind... I was going to make another toy to accompany it... Here's what I made:

Level of Difficulty: Easy
Materials: 4-ply WW yarn,
about 40 meters per toy
Crochet Hooks: 3mm, and 4mm
Finished Measurements:
Dumbbell - approx. 5 1/2" tall
O ring - approx. 5" in diameter

Update: the pattern is still available, just click on the buy now button at the sidebar. The pattern includes instructions for dumbbell and O ring. The price is only $1.75

I would like to thank Tina and Rachel for helping me out with this. Thanks so much!

More baby crochet stuff here.

A new sack bag

Here's my current WIP, its a new and different version of my previous free sack bag pattern. (Incidentally, I'll be putting that one up again on my free patterns when this new sack bag is out for sale.) For now, I just tried on the old bag's drawstring cord to see how it looks. I'm beginning to like it now, I can see its potential... I'm going to have to make another style of a handle strap for this ;)

Friday, July 07, 2006

Crochet Backpack

Here's the backpack, made by Beth, a new friend of mine from Canada. She followed the pattern from BHG Crochet. Literally, she did follow! Not being able to find it on sale anymore, she wrote to me and asked if she could buy my copy. Since I didnt plan to make another one anymore, I sent the pattern to her.
I really like it, nice work, Beth!

Crochet Halter

Here it is, my finished crochet halter! I hope you look forward to see it when its printed. I'll tell you next month when there's already a date for its release ;)

Thursday, July 06, 2006

A Pearl Necklace

Here's a pearl necklace that a friend gave me. She doesnt know how to go surfing on the web, so I gave her some printed patterns. I also taught her some tricks on crochet. She said she learned a lot from me, though before she met me, she's already been crocheting a lot, mostly simple crocheted pouches. She sells them like hotcakes, because she rents bazaar stalls to sell her goods. She sells mostly native handmade products from the provinces. Her mother weaves bags and rugs and she crochets whatever is saleable. I'm happy she sells a lot of what she makes, as she gets all her thread supplies from me. And she's happy too, for she doesnt have to go to Divisoria where she used to buy threads, and she even gets it at a lower price from me ;)

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Crochet from the past

"Smile everyone, show me your teeth ;) "

All these toys I made for my oldest son when he was a toddler. He thinks they're all adorable and huggable. He picked the dinosaur and the wolf to be made, and I was the one who chose to make the tiger and cat. (My second son wasnt too fond of stuff toys.)

I made this one without a pattern. My son had a plastic Donald Duck gifted to him. One day I thought of making a hand puppet based on the plastic toy.