Monday, January 09, 2017

Crochet Stuff in 2016

Hello! Another year has passed....and as usual I blog about the past year's projects...even though there wasn't much :p I'm thankful there's Ravelry and Instagram, where I can post projects as they happen and review them anytime ;)

So here goes a summary of my crochet in 2016 -

The only original pattern I was able to share is the Open Weave Rattan Stitch Poncho. Since I had promised to make one each for a group of friends, it became my major project for the past year (that extended a bit this year...).

crochet pattern
Rattan-stitch Poncho

Next on my list, is my most memorable design - made in 2015, but came out and got published in 2016. Its called Limpet Lace Top and its featured in Interweave Crochet Summer 2016.

Mimi Alelis
Limpet Lace Top
On other crafting projects - these recycled denim placemats and coasters for Papa Diddi's ice cream restaurant. I enjoyed making these :)


Next is my favorite crochet project - the mini Hobbes amigurumi for my son, based on a free pattern by miahandcrafter. I wasn't able to take the actual measurement, but I estimate it at 5" tall.

Mini Hobbes
I also made several baby booties since I got excited for the arrival of my first grandchild last July and the birth of more babies in our clan.

Lastly, and this is also one of my favorite project - a crochet scarf for Jackie Lou Blanco. She liked a scarf I posted on IG, and inquired on how to order one. I took it as an opportunity to make her one as a fan gift, since I believe she's one of our best actress of all time, and I'd love to see a celebrity wear my creation :)

Happy New Year!!
Me and my sister-in-law