Thursday, February 12, 2015

Bruges Lace crochet

Bruges lace is an easy way to add a twist to your crochet...(Google: what is bruges lace?) Its usually made with dc rows and a loop of chain at the end of the row. Also it is common to make strips of this lace and join them with chain loops or other crochet stitches. Using this type of construction, one can make anything from home decors to wearables. There are limitless variations for bruges lace. I'm working on a simple one, to use as a neck edging - inspired from an old doily pattern. I'm trying out an idea...possibly a new shrug design ;)

Monday, February 09, 2015

I'll be back with some crochet soon...

Hello...I know I haven't been crocheting lately. I've got some sort of an excuse - I was son got married end of January. Up to now I have yet to settle on a schedule to accomplish my decluttering and cleanup goals as well as my crochet goals. In short, I'm procrastinating again :(

We're still waiting for the official pics...meanwhile, here are some of our amateur shots.
I'm glad I stuck with my choice of the design inspiration for the gown, which I got from searching on the web (leftmost pic)...since I didn't want a gown with beads and sequins as suggested by the couturier...I'm happy how it turned out :)

Heavy makeup and set hair - is a must for the outdoor wedding and reception...I didn't like going through the process, it felt like my skin and hair got a whipping. Glad it was fine afterwards...
By the way, I was able to put the Petroleum Jelly to the test in removing the thickest ever makeup - it works wonderfully!...