Thursday, October 16, 2014

Crafty stuff update

Denim projects

Recyclable denims

Aside from crochet, I also enjoy sewing projects, especially when using recyclable materials such as used denims. There's a good supply of this material from thrift shops nearby. However, not all are cheap. To maximize the cost and minimize waste, recycled denim projects are up on my crafting list...and fortunately I got another custom order to make use of denims.
This time around I'm using what is left from the jeans after I have cut off the legs for the placemats. The placemats are the main products ordered from me for a small restaurant which opened a year ago here in Quezon City (see previous post). They were quite successful in their venture, now they need more placemats! They're also ordering Christmas ornaments in the form of denim stars ;)

Denim Star

This looks simple to make, but if you're making a hundred pieces with just one pair of hands, it takes more than patience to finish. With a deadline to meet...I should be working on it double-time now. But wait! Halloween is near and I just got the urge to crochet a spider!

Spider charm

Crochet Spider Charm

Occasionally, I'd crochet small projects using cotton thread...I try to make it detailed as much as my hands and eyes can manage. This is the first spider that I made, and I quite liked it though it needs some improvement...maybe I'll post a pattern soon... :)

Thanks for stopping by, hope you have a blessed All Soul's Day celebration.