Tuesday, January 09, 2018

Crochet and Other Stuff in 2017

Hello, welcome 2018!
As usual, here's a round-up of my crafty stuff for the past year. I think 2017 was good in many ways, for me...there was a lot to be thankful for.- blessings received, lessons learned. I got more inspired...gained new friends, reconnected with old friends...On the crafting side, I'm happy to be able to continue sharing my work with fellow crocheters, crafters and those who appreciate handmade stuff.

Now for the (not-so) boring details of my crafting in 2017 😉

Crochet Patterns
I was able to add 5 free crochet patterns here in my blog:

Hearts flower - heart-shaped petals make up this flower.

Minnie Mouse Hat 

Hello Kitty Hat

I finished only about 16 crochet projects in 2017... mostly small projects, including 4 santa hats and a thread snowflake...
Some of my favorite projects and photos:
crochet and woven ball for my granddaughter

banner for my youtube channel

playful santa hats

new year wall decor with crocheted snowflake

I also finished a sample project and pattern for my design submission...that if all goes well, will be published this year.

I did other craft-related projects and I'd like to share my crafting space makeover - included here is my first dreamcatcher, using my mother's crocheted doily.

Mimi Alelis Designs workspace
workspace makeover
Mimi Alelis Designs workspace
workdesk makeover

dreamcatcher featuring my mother's doily

Also, my diy photo-session last September...and I already forgot where I edited these 😁

crocheting in a corner of my workspace
cap sleeve cardigan

Looking forward to a peaceful and crafty year ahead!
Happy New Year!!