Sunday, June 22, 2014

It Girl Crochet, the book

This book is now out and available to order online or maybe you can find it in bookstores or craft stores. I just got my order from the Book Depository, I ordered this last May 30. (ETA: I also got my contributor's copy in the mail, a few weeks after...)

It Girl Crochet
It Girl Crochet
I'm grateful to be part of this published book by Interweave ;)

Let me tell you more about my design in this book. Starting back in the middle of August, 2012, the editor Sharon Zientara, sent a call for submissions of crochet designs in line with the theme concepts for her upcoming book. I was really inspired with the email she sent to her so-called designer crush list. So I did my best to come up with a submission. At that time I was intent on making a short lacy top inspired by a top worn by a celebrity. I made up my own pattern stitch to achieve the look using mostly triple crochet stitches. I was pleased with the sample I made, and got excited when my design was accepted ;)
Lacy Crochet Top
Lacy Crochet Top
However, when I got the yarn for the book project, I was not sure it would match since it wasn't as soft and fine as the bamboo thread I had initially worked with. The color was also a bit dark for my preference. But upon working with the yarn and finishing the project, I did appreciate it somewhat. Linen yarn looks and feels natural and is nice to becomes softer and silkier as you use it.

Sienna Top

Mimi Alelis
Sienna Top
There are also several projects in the book (view on Ravelry) that I would be interested in making...I'm liking the Edie Clutch, the Hippie Belt and the Gypsy slouch hat, to name a few. What are your favorites?

Sunday, June 08, 2014

Bits and pieces of my crafting space

Here are some items I picked for my crafting space. Its not much, but I like for now ;)

crafting space
The Essentials
These are the handy 'must-have' accessories. The corkboard, glued permanently on the wall...The office table lamp which works just fine, even for thread crochet....The scissors, ruler, pen and pencil, are contained in a crocheted cozy (which used to be a camera cozy, stiff enough to stand on its own) ;)

crochet motifs
Irish Crochet Motifs
The five Irish crochet motifs set in a frame and hung on the wall...

Butterfly motif
A butterfly motif made from this pattern by Chinami Horiba

Doll with crocheted dress
Lastly, this doll wearing a crocheted dress - a Japan Surplus Store find. The doll is just a bust with a head. It has no arms, only hands. Its propped up on an empty thread cone. It stands 10 inches tall on my table ;)

Taking a break from it all... the hospital,

unfortunately. I underwent an urgent laparoscopy operation last Saturday (May 31) for a swollen appendix and pelvic infection...Back home, I'm recovering well. Thank you to my relatives, friends and crafting buddies for the get-well wishes, and of course to my family for bearing with me.