Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Custom-made Crochet Items

I don't usually take orders for crochet items since I'd like to take the time to just sit down, do some research and use my imagination to create something new. Also, I tend to be stressed-out if I have to finish on a deadline.
However if the order is for an item I have already made before and especially if its made from my own pattern, I feel confident in doing it. Right now I'm working on an order for recycled denim and crochet coasters. Surprisingly, I find it fun to do this same item many times over ;)
Thanks to the breakfast table for their order of placemats and coasters. They will be opening here in Quezon City in September :)
Here are some of the coasters I finished:

I've also agreed to do another Romantic Shrug for a friend. This time she wants it in red. I think I'm taking too long to finish it, since there's no deadline. 

Romantic Shrug

But now I realize I have to finish this soon. Its time to come up with new designs for next year's crochet ;)