Monday, May 21, 2012

Recent crochet projects

Here are the crochet projects I made within this month ;)

A couple of thick square coasters made with two strands of Cannon thread and size 3mm hook. I used the stitch pattern in this dish scrub pattern by Priscilla Hewitt which I found years ago.

A lace bowl stiffened with white glue...pattern by Linda Permann. It didn't get sturdy enough to be used as a container...and I didn't want to use the sugar recipe for stiffening it.

A scarf I made for my SIL, I used my Stylish Chain Scarf pattern. I love this one, not just for the color but for its wonderful drape.
Lastly, (but no picture yet) I finished a crocheted bib necklace. Isn't it the current trendy accessory? I'm still in the process of adding some bling to it ;)

Some finished projects...

I still daydream a lot about my future craftroom :p...going at it one small step at a time. I've shown in my recent posts the change I've made from a bulky double bed to a sleek sofabed, that is the big step. The other big steps require big spending too, so for now I'm just glad I accomplished something.
I've also done some handyman jobs on the sewing tabletop and the working table. I reused the top of an old table and screwed it on the remaining metal frame of the old sewing machine. I also bought fake leather to (temporarily) cover the unfinished top of the working table, tacking it in with a staple gun. My hands and arms got a bit sore, but I got the job done ;)

(before pic)
(after pic)


(Office Chair: Homeworks, P1,500.)

Best of all, I was able to buy a comfy office chair! Now I can roll it around the reclaimed (6 ft x 4 ft) space of my room...hehe ;)

I also managed to crochet some items, showing on my next post :)

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Lunch at Bellini's...

...on Mother's Day my sons took me out for lunch at Bellini's. The food is delicious and the place is perfect, so Italian ;) I wouldn't have guessed there was a good restaurant in that area in Cubao. The place looks a bit antiquated, and I love the authentic Italian design. Unfortunately, we didn't take pictures of the place (didn't think I'd post about it too, but if you Google there are lots of images and reviews on the web).

There were some stores in the area, but the one I took notice of was closed. I of course had to look closer at their window display which included a crocheted curtain, table runners and doilies.

Friday, May 04, 2012

Craftroom makeover - the sofabed!

Feels like I've been away from the web for so long...I only managed to check in for short periods while our internet connection was on hold for the past several days. Now I can post again, yay!
I've got lots of pics to show here -

First off, a few days ago I woke up to this mess (after I tidied up the mattress I was sleeping on) Surely I didn't get a good night's sleep! So I decided this is the day I was going to buy me a bed. Never mind that I was saving up for our living room sofa set - that could wait... I had a hunch I will find just the right bed for me, so off I went to go shopping.

crochet beads necklace

Btw, I wore my crocheted beads necklace for a quick-fix accessory ...hehehe, had to mention that too ;)

I was looking for a sofa, the size of a single bed (36 x 75 inches) - Didn't really expect to find one, since I know that most sofa beds are ones that fold over... But I found one, and its the only one!
Orange isn't normally a color I would pick, but surprisingly, looking at it makes me happy :)

Of course, just before the sofabed was to be delivered, I managed to clear up some of the mess, and declutter a bit. I also removed the old curtain, since the color didn't match. The color and stains on the walls didn't match either, but I just ignore it...since I couldn't get it painted yet :p

Oops...soon as the sofa was delivered, I thought I should organize my craft closet - so I took out most of the stuff in there. I was able to put it back as neatly as possible. Now I know where to find my finished projects and the yarns that were gifted to me ;)

The next day I bought some ready-made curtains.

I'm loving this, and can forget about my ugly walls and ceiling...for now :)

Sofabed set: Homeworks, P13,500.
Curtains (4 panels): Shopwise, P800.

Pictures edited at PicMonkey