Monday, March 23, 2015

Crochet a braided ball

Its summer vacation once and adults alike will need a lot of activities to learn and to enjoy. Lucky for some who are into books, there are plenty to choose from. I found one book that was on sale when I got it...aside from providing a list of actual things to do, I found this book entertaining.

the book depository

If you want to find the right book for you, just go to The Book Depository, it is easy to search on their available books. and you will appreciate its fair price and free delivery worldwide!

With regards to crafting, there's a lot you can do with just a few craft supplies. If you're into crochet, here's one suggestion. Crochet a braided ball! I enjoyed making it...actually, I got a bit impatient with the crocheting part. The braiding is fun though, and a bit challenging :)

crochet braided ball
braided ball
Details of this project can be viewed here on Ravelry.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Bruges Lace crochet

Bruges lace is an easy way to add a twist to your crochet...(Google: what is bruges lace?) Its usually made with dc rows and a loop of chain at the end of the row. Also it is common to make strips of this lace and join them with chain loops or other crochet stitches. Using this type of construction, one can make anything from home decors to wearables. There are limitless variations for bruges lace. I'm working on a simple one, to use as a neck edging - inspired from an old doily pattern. I'm trying out an idea...possibly a new shrug design ;)

Monday, February 09, 2015

I'll be back with some crochet soon...

Hello...I know I haven't been crocheting lately. I've got some sort of an excuse - I was son got married end of January. Up to now I have yet to settle on a schedule to accomplish my decluttering and cleanup goals as well as my crochet goals. In short, I'm procrastinating again :(

We're still waiting for the official pics...meanwhile, here are some of our amateur shots.
I'm glad I stuck with my choice of the design inspiration for the gown, which I got from searching on the web (leftmost pic)...since I didn't want a gown with beads and sequins as suggested by the couturier...I'm happy how it turned out :)

Heavy makeup and set hair - is a must for the outdoor wedding and reception...I didn't like going through the process, it felt like my skin and hair got a whipping. Glad it was fine afterwards...
By the way, I was able to put the Petroleum Jelly to the test in removing the thickest ever makeup - it works wonderfully!...

Thursday, January 08, 2015

Hello Kitty Crochet Amigurumi...

Hello Kitty Crochet Book is on sale at the Book Depository - free shipping anywhere! (click on image to get to site)

Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Crochet and Other Stuff in 2014

Only a few to list down...when it comes to writing crochet patterns and publishing it, though this coming year looks promising :)

Here are three designs that got published in 2014:

1. Pinwheel Flower - free pattern here in my blog.
2. Sienna Top - published in the book It Girl Crochet by Interweave Press. 
3. Pinya Glass Cozy - a free pattern published here.

Started with 554 projects and added 28 for a total of 582...(my Ravelry projects)
Some of my favorite projects are those for the babies in my extended family -

Another favorite of mine is the irish crochet motifs I made to be framed and hung in my workspace.

There are now even more choices and more opportunities to buy yarns. One of which is having a crafty friend in another country, where quality yarns are available...and affordable too ;) Our Cebuana friend, Fe of Knitwerks and Crafts Boutique, retails yarns she buys mostly in Singapore.
Here's a recent purchase from Fe:

I even got more of the cotton yarns, since the colors are so nice and the yarn is smooth and would be a good choice for amigurumi toys and other accessories.

I also decided to order a bit from a big yarn company, Bergere de France, just for the experience. I love their yarns, patterns and customer service. I might order again, but need to order more yarns to maximize on the shipping cost...However, I'm reluctant to order more than $50. worth of items...for I have yet to ascertain if I will be taxed upon customs inspection at the P.O.

Bergere order
Bergere de France

Other Crafts 
I love sewing too...some simple wardrobe repair or upcycling here and there. No serious sewing yet, though I was able to make some recycled denim stuff, including denim star ornaments and reordered denim placemats for The Breakfast Table; and denim picture-frame souvenirs for my nephew's Christening.

My Working Space
I've completed my working space - thanks to the Surplus shop nearby. I kept on checking their items for several months until I got the big, and spacious shelves...
Most of what I have here I had for several years already...Again I thank my sis-in-law for the sewing machine, my brother for the working table, and my son for my computer and the size small dressform :)

More patterns and projects in the coming year, I guess ;)
Thanks for looking! And by the way, there's this blog featuring each week an interview with knit and crochet designers from around the world. I got included and you can find the article here.

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Random stuff -

Hi everyone, Happy New Year! 
I have yet to round-up my 2014 crochety and yarny stuff...Meantime, please have a look at these random stuff I came up with.

My new favorite crochet bag - this beautiful bag was crocheted by my friend Cat Yanna. I just sewed in the lining and handles. (Pattern details). I really love the texture of the Abaca yarn and the flower motif used in this project :)

Favorite Projects

My favorite projects in 2014, were of course mostly the ones made using my patterns.
Here's some from my crochet buddies:
From Yolanda: Romantic Shrug projects

Romantic Shrug
Romantic Shrugs
From Bheng - Lacey Top projects from Sienna Top pattern in It Girl Crochet book from Interweave
Sienna Top
Sienna Top projects

From Ravelers - some recently finished Flower Accent projects.This is the all-time most popular free pattern in my portfolio :)
More projects can be viewed in this search result on Ravelry.

2015 is the year of the Sheep!
And this only means lots of fiber and yarn for us :)
How about making some sheep amigurumi or any sheep themed project?...there's so many to choose from, check out Ravelry Pattern Search