Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Crochet and Knit buddies!

This week I was lucky to have two meetings! One with Bheng of All Stitch Bright and Beautiful and the other with Mona of Knittipina.
I met up with Bheng several times already since last year, and Mona for the first time. We shared some crochet and knit stuff of course, and a bit of normal stuff ;) It was fun to know them in person!

I would like to think that Bheng got inspired with my crochet designs (since she have purchased most of it) and now she has a lot of WIPs going on ;) I saw her finished pink Shells and Flowers shrug and a half-finished yellow romantic shrug - both lovely! Though I forgot to take pictures of those when we were at Jollibee...

Isn't this so cool - handknitted socks made from Cannon threads!
This lovely pair was made especially for me by Mona. I met her on Ravelry several months ago. We agreed on a swap - knitted socks for me, and crochet slippers for her. Of course I was thrilled about it! I don't know when I'll ever get to learn how to knit socks like she does... Here's a close-up of her superb workmanship:

Thanks again, Mona!


  1. Very cute socks! Mona did a great job!

  2. Anonymous22 May, 2009

    wow its so cute! Lucky you

  3. Of course naman, I was inspired by ate mimi.... great socks mona.. hope to meet you as well.. were those really cannon?

  4. Hi guys,

    Mimi, I wish I brought my camera when we met! In my excitement I forgot it. I just posted the olive slippers in my Knittipina blog today.

    Hi Christina, mom2am and Bheng! Yes, the socks were really made of Cannon. You can try Monaco as well. Cannon has prettier colors though.

    I'd love to meet you Bheng, I can go anywhere between Makati and UP Campus. If you know Magic Loop and have a US size 1 (2.25 or 2.5mm)pair of 32" or 40" circulars and a couple of balls of Cannon to work with, we can have a sock knit meet!

    Mimi, the slippers are perfect as bedroom footwarmers in this strange weather, when socks are too thick to wear to sleep. Thank you thank you thank you!

  5. Great socks, Mimi. I like that height. Just above the ankles.


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