Saturday, June 27, 2009

Etsy purchases

I got my goodies last Friday!
About 3-4 weeks ago I purchased these items from 3 different shops on Etsy. These are just small items which can all be classified as materials for crafts. Don't know exactly what to do with it, but I know they will be useful in time ;)
I love shopping on Etsy! So many cute little things that I can afford.
Not all Etsy sellers would ship international, so I would like to thank these shops for shipping to the Philippines :)
Mineymo - delightful fabrics for creative crafters
Winter Rose Designs - explore the possibilities (jewelry)
Voscoleccion - glass and silver made art


  1. How fun. Don't you just love getting little treasures in the mail (or at the store :P)?

  2. Ooohh pretty... =) I have the exact same cameo setting! I have yet to use it though. Major project backlog.. x__x

  3. Yes Tina, it was fun to get to shop at home and I do love getting the little treasures in the mail :)

    I think our tastes are similar, Claire! I want to see if it is of the same quality, since I paid more for it (plus the shipping). Anyhow, I enjoyed shopping online and supporting other Etsy sellers ;)

  4. I love the cameo setting! I love to get little surprises in the mail...TFS

  5. My shop also ships to the Philippines. Feel free to check it out,

  6. @ Ms. Mimi: I also got the cameo setting online, through one of my beader friends over at Multiply. =) She was ordering online from overseas suppliers, and pooled all of our orders so we could get discounts, for bulk purchases. I got some exquisite cameos and lucite flowers from her too... ;)

  7. I would love to see those too, Claire :)

  8. Beautiful stuff! I tried to learn to crochet, I got as far as making a place mat for my dog's food and water bowl. I would love to learn more though and actually make something I would like to show off and not cover up with old dog bowls!


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