Friday, September 11, 2009

New Crochet Group over at Ravelry...

Hi all, I'm still here and working on my latest and longest in-the-making very own motif bolero. I have made a lot of restructuring to improve the design - I want it to be awesome ;)
Crochet garments sometimes come cheap around here (crochet headbands at P10. or boleros at P100. makes me sad). Some people hardly, if ever, give credit to the time, patience and skill that goes into each crocheted piece. On the other hand, some crochet workers don't even improve on their skill and just go on and on repeating stitches without paying attention to the design or fit...There are lots of skilled crocheters here who wouldn't care about patterns or to learn new stitches and techniques. I am one of those who'd rather use the techniques I already know, and don't have much patience to try to learn like broomstick lace or tunisian lace crochet (as of now)...but I'm interested in what and how others use their crochet skills. I'm particularly interested in what crocheters here in the Philippines are up to. Sometimes, I feel my designs (being sold by Coats Manila Bay) can only be appreciated by a few crocheters. Honestly, I don't know exactly why I picked those styles, but it was what I had the inspiration to do at that time.
Anyways, watch out for my latest 3 designs out in your local craft stores.
Meantime, I invite you to join us in our new Crochet group at Ravelry so you can share your ideas as well. I hope we can elevate crochet here in the Philippines to the best of our abilities ;) Lets promote crochet and make it appealing, not only in the form of bikinis and see-through tops, but also in fashionable, stylish garments and accessories.


  1. Well said , Mimi ! It's so true even about the crocheters in India.But tings are looking up now, thankfully.
    I can hardly wait to see your next few designs.

  2. I agree... it's too sad that with all the new innovations and designs with crochet.. here in the Phil, people still think crochet is too lola... but when you show them a sample.. they will always be surprised " Is this crochet, wow, I want one.. ", in my case , they will always want to learn how to crochet.. the sad part is that when we are starting.. they will give up on the first lesson... seems like they only want the finished item.. not the technique.... wahahhahah btw, in cubao, VTY Trading and Maning's carry your designs.... . congrats in advance on your new bolero design.....

  3. Hi Yasmin, thanks!
    A lot of improvement is because of the internet, so maybe a lot more of our fellow crocheters will soon catch up ;)

    Thanks Bheng!...I really appreciate how much you show support for my designs :)
    I am not far from being a lola, but I really hope that impression is going to change from other people who don't crochet. Not all who are interested will be able to learn since it also requires skill and patience. For that we should be given due credit and recognition for our chosen art - since it is not just a hobby.


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