Saturday, January 23, 2010

Crochet Update, January 2010

Crochet for charity
Help for Haiti patterns are still up for sale on Ravelry.
About 10 Ravelers purchased patterns from me from Jan.16-24, and because of this I was able to make a small donation to Hope for Haiti.

It is heartbreaking to see in the news what has happened due to the earthquake. Let's continue to pray for them, and pray for ourselves too - to ask for protection from earthquakes and other calamities.

Crochet for yarn
Once in a while, I need to feed my curiosity for yarn. For those who don't understand a crocheter or knitter's need for a variety of yarns, I could liken it to a chef's need to have different kinds and the best of ingredients that could be had. I also love to cook and occasionally seek out a variety of ingredients. I'm only limited by budget, of course. As with yarn, I have to restrain myself :p
I saw Deneen's yarns for destashing here. I'm sure treating myself to a new skein of yarn won't hurt anyone. I picked a skein of cotton-hemp yarn, and I'll be patiently waiting for it in the mail ;)

Crochet for gift

My only crochet project as of this past week is this baby hat. This will fit my one-year-old grandniece. Can't wait to see her wearing it ;)


  1. That's so generous of you Mimi.

  2. Hi Gene, I've read in the forums that some knit designers were able to donate thousands of dollars for haiti from their pattern sales!

  3. There should be a thumbs up option here like on Facebook :p Great job, Mi!

  4. That is so wonderful Mimi that you were able to help people in Haiti this way.
    As far as trying out new yarn is concerned, I am so with you on that! Love checking out new yarns and also ingredients for cooking my problem is receiving stuff here :)
    I meant to say it over at ravelry, that hat is soo cute.

  5. Thanks Pearlin!
    I hope you didn't lose some stuff in the mail. It does take too long to arrive there (or here), and shipping cost a bit high, but its worth it ;)

  6. Thanks for your email, Mimi! Love your blog

  7. Beautiful hat!!! I would love to make that for any of my three babies ;0


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