Sunday, July 11, 2010

Moth Wings Shrug and other crochet updates

Seems I have not been blogging here for many weeks!... and I've totally neglected my other blogs :p
Anyways, now that my sister's wedding is over, maybe I can now catch up on my WIPs and blogging about my FOs and other stuff.

But first, an important note on the Moth Wings Shrug pattern on Interweave Crochet Summer 2010 issue. I found out that the correction I noted on the motif layout for the bigger sizes (sizes 39, 41, 44) was overlooked. On the magazine it lacked one full row of horizontal motifs for both the front and back parts. This is the correct layout:

I hope I'll see some Moth Wings Shrug projects in the bigger sizes, since I have only tested the smaller sizes.
I'm making another one in beige...its actually the 6th one I'll be making from that pattern.
I don't think I've shown the other ones I made, except for the first beige one and the magazine model.
Here are the lavender and the burgundy shrugs:

The burgundy now belongs to my brother's partner, and the lavender is still mine but I haven't worn it in public...I think the color is not me, so I'm making a beige one ;)


  1. What amazing shrugs! I like to see your handwriting!

  2. I love your shrug pattern, but I'm new to crochet and have no idea how to size this pattern. I have a 36" bust, so would I make the size 36? Looking at the schematic, I think a size 33 might work better for me, if I'm reading it right. That, and I tried using a 2.75mm hook, so I may still be too big.

  3. Hi Lyssa, thanks for your comment. For this project it is better to make a gauge swatch to see if it will turn out too big or just right. If it turns out big, then you need to use a smaller hook, probably a 2.5mm.

  4. I recently purchased the pattern for the Moth Wing Shrug and I am going to give it a go. I have been trying to find a pattern for a lace overlay and the only one I found was in a book called Lace Style by Interweave. The pattern is a knitted lace tank by Laura Zukaite. I was wondering if you would consider a design for an overlay. Something that could be worn over a simple dress to make it look special. Lipsy are making this style at the moment. Thank you.

    1. Hello, thanks for the comment and suggestion! I will look into it.


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