Saturday, January 29, 2011

Crochet Business Updates

Some Trivial Updates:

I've just ordered a pack of custom-made business cards from Moo and its free! If you're a seller on Etsy, maybe you can still avail of this offer which is good for the first 5,000 Etsians. There's a downside though...I had to pay $15.75 for shipping! (pay $6. if you're in U.S.)
Anyways, I saw that they offer a free sample pack (totally free!), so I went ahead and requested for it. Will post here when I receive my goodies from Moo ;)

I found out that the Moth Wings Shrug is included in the choices for CrochetMe CAL project. That could be fun to do. I don't exactly love making the motifs, but I love the result ;) I've already made 4 shrugs from it. Maybe I'll get inspired to finish my WIP beige shrug from this design, with this CAL.

You may cast your vote here.

Btw, the Moth Wings Shrug pattern is available here in the Interweave Store.

Would you like to make this scarf? I used up one ball of pink thread, and about half a ball of gray thread. Hook size is 3.5mm.
I'm still thinking of posting the pattern here, or maybe offer it as a promo in my Ravelry pattern store.

Lastly, if you are looking for more wearable crochet designs from me you might be interested in my upcoming designs for Coats Manila Bay. We are working on a cap-sleeve cardigan, a triangular shawl, and another shapely tunic (...I'm running out of names for my designs!) I think you'll like it as much as I do :)


  1. I hope the Moth Wings Shrug gets voted for the CAL. I love the pink and gray scarf (it's one of my fave color combinations). Looking forward to your new designs! I'm pretty sure they'll be fantastic, as always. :) Though I'm really interested in the cap-sleeve cardigan. ;)

  2. Thanks Claire!
    The striped scarf pattern is coming out soon ;) As for the next designs for Coats, it may or may not be out in the next few months :p

  3. Thst is a GORGEOUS scarf pattern, Mimi! The shrug pattern is adorable as well,,, I have never worn a shrug.

  4. moo cards are wonderful. i ordered a sample pack before when they offered it in flickr and I love it! too bad I don't have them anymore. the shipping is really something, yes?

    I miss crochet. I promise, as soon as I finished my current knitting project, I have to go back to my hooks. I recently bought 2 balls of japanese yarn in saizen with discount for only P25 each, 81 yards each, kasya kaya yun with the moth wings shrug?

    oh, i have a new blog pala, dedicated to projects na siya talaga, if you have time, please visit at

    have a great day mimi!

  5. Thanks Angela! I will send you the motif shrug pattern are very good working with threads, I think you'll like it ;)

    Hi Gene! I'll be following your new blog, I'm liking it a lot! Congrats on your lovely knitted top for your daughter ;)
    I wouldn't attempt a motif project with yarn that you might not be able to buy again...and I don't think the two skeins you have is enough. I used two balls of the size 10 thread for the sample, one ball is a little more than 200 meters.

  6. i see. well those yarns are still available in other stores but it's 85 each ball. have you tried visiting Saizen? they have japanese anti-bacterial acrylic yarns best for making tawashi. yun lang, it's a lot expensive compared to our local brands.

  7. Where ba yung Saizen? Try ko rin punta dun...

  8. Mimi, may Saizen sa Trinoma, pero I bought my yarns in Alimall. Mas authentic na 100 yen store from Japan, napeke na kasi yung Daiso dito so they used a different name.

  9. Thanks Gene, will schedule a trip to Trinoma sometime soon ;)

  10. Hi Mimi! I got my first cards from Moo, they are great, but only the first time ordering is free. If you need more there are plenty of other sites online where you can get "free" business cards. I put it in quotes because, as you know, you still have to pay for shipping. I've used a couple times already.

    The scarf is very pretty. It kind of looks like hairpin lace.

  11. Thanks M! I have yet to receive my Moo cards in the mail.


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