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Crochet! - A book review and a book giveaway contest!

Crochet continues to gain popularity as a craft or hobby. We can see it everywhere on the internet as we search for anything crochet-related. There are also plenty of magazines and books on this particular craft and there are still more in the making. For those who are beginners in crochet or for those wanting to start it as a hobby, there is an enormous amount of resources for free or available for sale. But there is one book that has just been published and I definitely recommend it to a beginner or any skill level crocheter. A must-have book, Crochet! by Marie-Noȅlle Bayard is brimming with techniques, stitch tutorials and patterns for projects and inspiration. You'd want to keep coming back to this book for reference, as it is full of color photos, clear instructions and up-to-date patterns.
The author, textile designer Marie-Noëlle Bayard, has worked for haute couture designers and for women's magazines. She has written for Marie-Claire Idées and Elle Décoration and is the author of Embroidery: Techniques and Patterns and Sewing: Techniques and Patterns. She lives in France.

Here's a preview:

Conclusion: I was actually thrilled to have this book, and it was a long wait considering how far it has traveled. It exceeded my expectations too, from the quality of the book and its content full of color photos, to its easy to understand instructions. I highly recommend you add it to your collection. I find it better than a lot of the other crochet encyclopedias, dummy-books and such. For the most part, its the techniques and pattern stitches that would keep me coming back to the pages of this book.

Disclaimer: This book was received from Soho Publishing as a review copy.

Book Giveaway Contest
Yay! Now its time for some action here in my blog. There's one copy of the book Crochet! by Marie-Noȅlle Bayard that will be given to the lucky winner of this contest I made up. The rules of the contest are as follows:
1. To qualify for an entry you must be a crocheter of any skill level.
2. Post a comment here and let us know your Ravelry name, or share the link to your blog, or a link to your FB page.
3. I will take a peek at your projects and immediately add your name in the contest drawing.
4. To qualify for another entry, like my FB page and make a comment on the post where I share this blog post.
Now that's as easy as 1-2-3 :) Contest ends on July 12. I will assign a number to each entry, and use the random number generator to determine the winner. Winner will be notified immediately. She must be able to give her mailing address, which I will give to Soho Publishing for them to mail the book to.
Lastly, I will also be giving away at least 3 consolation prizes of a pattern gift via Ravelry.

That's all, thank you! Please email me if you have questions.


  1. I would love to get one Mimi, sounds wonderful!
    my ravelry name is purlycues and I like your FB page already :))

  2. Thanks Pearlin, goodluck!

  3. I too would love to get a copy of the book. My ravelry name is irishnavylady. Course I need to update it with the current projects. Will be liking FB shortly can't remember if I did it already or not.

  4. Thanks Melissa, you have two entries as well :)

  5. Oh, count me in too! My ravelry name is daperfectmix. I like your page on FB too!

  6. Don't count this as an entry, as I have this book and also did a review, but it is a fantastic book!

  7. Anonymous07 July, 2011

    Mimi sounds like a book for me as I am continually learning and really could use the help! Ravelry name MITTENS For MISKQUI. Although I am trying to start a crochet blog and not many pics of my work are out there ck my facebook page for recently finished projects. Thanks Mimi for all you do!

  8. Count me in!!! My blog is

  9. The book looks wonderful! I'm currently struggling with a diamond pattern chemo cap I'm making. No matter how many years I crochet, there always seems to be something new to challenge me! I'd love to win a new book. Thank you for the opportunity! Yarn Dharma is my blog and I am KinnicChick on Ravelry.

  10. I've been crocheting a little over a year now. Still mostly amigurumi and dolls. Bags too and it's just hit me that crochet can be felted! Must try ASAP :) Laurie521 on rav

  11. I am doing a year long project where I wear a crocheted bow in my hair every day. The latest entry is my student's work, but the older stuff is all mine
    Thanks, Nicole

  12. Hi Mimi, please count me in as well!

    I haven't been on FB in ages, no time to log in LOL. Let me see if I can visit your page this weekend.

  13. Hi all, thanks for joining!

    Hi Tin! glad you joined...see you on FB if you're there ;)

  14. Hi Mimi! Please count me in too :)This books looks so interesting.
    My blog :
    Facebook : Yasmin Hagalwadi

  15. Hi, thanks for a great giveaway! My blog is, and my rav name is dnadiva.

  16. Hi, thanks all for joining! We have a winner, and she's daperfectmix:
    I already informed the winner, and I'll be informing you all about the consolation prize too via Ravelry.
    Please bear with me as I'm not able to make a new post, because of some Blogger technical issues...


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