Sunday, September 11, 2011

New Toys!

Just want to show you two inexpensive but useful toys that I've recently bought :)
Since my brother was enjoying the stuff that he bought from Manafont, I thought to order some myself. These came from HK, shipping already included in the price and the additional cost for mailing with tracking is only $2. per package. (This is not an advertisement!)
If you find these in Divisoria or elsewhere, please let me know so I can compare prices... Though I love the convenience of ordering online!

Pocketsize Digital Scale for $8. (P342.)
Flexible Desktop Camera Tripod for $4.57 (P195.)

This pocket digital scale will be very useful in weighing thread balls or yarns, jewelry, small finished items,  leftover yarn, etc....Can be handy on the kitchen too for measuring spices or other small ingredients :)
Note: I used the desktop tripod to take this picture ;)


  1. I really like that tripod :)

  2. I like the tripod, but I think thats because I am bit of a shutterbug...

    But they are pretty good things :)

  3. Wow. I wouldn't even know how to use any of it. lol... It looks nice, though. :)


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