Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Random Pics

I've finished the first part of the dress...Its coming along nicely as the one I made for myself a long while back...(For more details you can see this project in my other blog, Crocheting with Cannon threads.)

I'll be working on this for the next few days...

Meanwhile, here's another picture of my baby dog amis...in case you missed it ;)

You'd have to be quite imaginative to see the likeness of the amis with the real-life counterparts ;) But aren't they cute?

Here's a recent picture of Max:

He usually takes up his paw for me to hold whenever I visit him :)


  1. I love that dog. He looks so serious in the second picture. Hehe!

  2. Aw, Max is adorable. Jetta does that, too. (Lifts her paw up.) Especially when she thinks she is in trouble. ;P

    Your dress is coming along nicely. And the dog amis are adorable. :)

  3. Your dog amis were the hit of the crochet year 2011, dear Mimi!!! They are the winners!!

  4. Thank you dear Vik!!
    I wonder where Molly ami is now...I've sent her a week before I sent Tina's package (which already arrived a week ago)


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