Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Good to be Back!

Its been more than three months since my computer broke down...turned out, the computer is still ok and only the electrical outlet was defective! So now I had to change its location and plug it on another outlet. While doing that I rearranged furniture and stuff and also got to clean some neglected areas and corners of the house. I think that's a good way to start the year! However, much as I'd like to take control and put everything back to "normal", I didn't get so lucky...my older son got sick last week. He's now well but still on sick leave, and now my younger son is sick! I feel like getting sick myself, but I've got no time for that. Soon as my family is well, I'll be focusing on my crochet projects and designs. I'm so eager to get going again! I also have some tips and tricks that I haven't shared yet...
Meanwhile, that's a picture of me and my SIL last Christmas, featuring my own design using Cannon threads. I finished it a year ago. Pattern will be available in print, soon (I hope!)


  1. thank you for the lovely greeting you sent me Mimi. I hope to see a lot of your beautiful creations in the new year. Hugs Pearlin

  2. Poor boys! I hope they both get well soon.
    I´m happy your computer is ok again!

  3. Thank you Pearlin and Vik!


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