Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Lunch at Bellini's...

...on Mother's Day my sons took me out for lunch at Bellini's. The food is delicious and the place is perfect, so Italian ;) I wouldn't have guessed there was a good restaurant in that area in Cubao. The place looks a bit antiquated, and I love the authentic Italian design. Unfortunately, we didn't take pictures of the place (didn't think I'd post about it too, but if you Google there are lots of images and reviews on the web).

There were some stores in the area, but the one I took notice of was closed. I of course had to look closer at their window display which included a crocheted curtain, table runners and doilies.


  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful going out to dinner with your son!!

  2. How very sweet of them to treat you out, Mimi! :) Belated happy mother's day pala, I didn't get to greet you when we met up.

  3. What a nice Mother's Day dinner (Happy Belated Mother's Day, btw..) The restaraunt looks nice, and isn't it neat when you find crocheted things like that? :)


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