Saturday, June 16, 2012

No Turning-chain Dc (photo tutorial)

Have you been using the technique to make a double crochet (dc) at the beginning of the row, instead of the usual chain 3? I just recently found out about it, when I stumbled upon this video...and I thought, how clever! I could really use it, mostly because its easier to do a stitch on top of a dc than on the turning ch.
I made my sample swatch starting on the first row.

Ch 12, pull the loop on the hook up to the height of a dc,

with the middle finger hold the loop in place while you yarn over on the same loop, (now you have two loops on the hook),

then yo and pull through the bottom loop on the hook (you have two loops remaining on hook),

yo and pull through two loops (dc made).

Dc in the remaining 11 chains across.  (12 dc)

Turn, and use the technique again to begin the next row. When you get to the last stitch, you'll find that it is easier to make a dc on top of the 1st dc of the previous row, than a dc on a beginning chain 3.
After several rows, you will see that the edges look better than when using a turning ch-3.


  1. j' aime beaucoup ce point c' est très beau bravo a bientôt biz

  2. ¡Gracias por poner el video? Es una idea genial.

  3. thank you so much :)


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