Friday, November 09, 2012

Recent FOs - Crochet Wearables!

Hello, I'm back! Not that I left, just lost my mojo or something...
Now that I picked up my hooks again, I can't stop crocheting ;)
I'm eager to share some of my recently finished projects:

crochet mesh top
This is a child's mesh cover-up top. I omitted the hood in the pattern (Splash n Fun Cover-up by Jenny King) and also had to make it shorter since I ran out of thread ;)
This turned out smaller than the small size in the pattern, but hopefully would fit a two-year old girl.

crochet child's shrug
A child's shrug I made from my own design. Pattern will be published here soon :)

A mystery shawl/shrug that I made from a friend's pattern. This will be published soon in a magazine :)

Lastly, here's a famous design from a famous designer from several years ago.
Pattern was published in 2004 by Interweave. 

crochet lace top

crochet dress

A lace top that was supposed to be a dress. I used up 6 balls of Cannon thread...didn't have enough of that color so I had to finish at row 44 of the skirt. 

More details on these projects can be viewed at my projects pages on Ravelry. Thanks for looking :)


  1. Mimi, inggit ako sa lace dress mo! I bought a copy of the pattern too, but it seems like it will take such a huge amount of effort. About how many balls of Cannon do you think it'll take? Did you have to reconfigure the pattern or were you able to get gauge?

    Sorry, inquisition ito!

  2. Oh I'll gladly help you with this dress pattern, this would be very pretty for you and your sisters and also your mom :) Haha...kayang-kaya mo, matagal nga lang gawin. But its not as difficult as it looks.
    For this bitin version I used 6 balls of Cannon. If you use 7 balls, dress na yun. I just followed the size 36" (but I am size 32"), and I used size 2.5mm hook all throughout. If you use a thicker yarn then you probably just follow the pattern according to your size.

  3. Once again cute projects mimi! I like your making the lace dress as a top instead of the dress...for me would be more functional as a top.

  4. Thanks Kimberly!! I'll definitely use the pattern again to make another top, and maybe a dress too :)

  5. All your projects are so cute, Mimi. I know what you mean about losing your Mojo. I lost mine for a long time. It still isn't "back", but I am crocheting now, so...

  6. Thanks Tina! We do need our creative mojo to crochet happily :)

  7. hi! do you make crochet mini skirt (swimsuit cover up)? thanks :)


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