Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A Ravelry meetup, a wedding and my crochet dress :)

Ravelry meet-up at Glorietta mall, Makati

This was supposed to be a summer outing in Manila with our crochet group, since gerykho was visiting from Cebu. But since our schedules didn't permit, we just had an afternoon gathering at a coffeeshop in Glorietta mall. We also went to Dreams yarnshop to have a look and to buy some yarns ;)
This time we didn't have much yarny activities to do compared with our previous meetup with Fats (when she visited from Bohol)...Most of us were able to bring only a few projects to share, but still we enjoyed chatting about knitting and crochet. It was a fun gathering, thank you ladies and to the one guy from our group too! Yes, we have a Pinoy crochet dude ;)

The Wedding

Their adventure in love took a lot of turns and detours, which at last came to this time and place.

Shrine of Our Lady of Namacpacan, Luna, La Union

I wish them a long and happy marriage :)



My Crochet Dress

About 3 weeks before, I wasn't sure I could finish a dress in time for the wedding. I also wasn't sure I could wear it with confidence...but the thought of having to spend time and money to shop for a dress seemed more difficult to me. I just went ahead and made the dress. I felt good wearing it, and got some compliments too ;) The wedding was simple but memorable. We had fun since it was also a family reunion.

I don't have the official wedding pics yet, so here are some modeled shots I took at home:

more details on my project page on Ravelry


  1. Oo nga, Pinoy crochet dude!

    Hehe, excited nako for our document-chase-and-craft-store-hunt tomorrow! :)

  2. There is definitely nothing more precious and elegant than a dress that you made yourself! It's so cute and pretty, Mimi! We all should be wearing our crochet garments more often. They are such special things, so nice to look at all those stitches. :)

    Agree din ako with that quote about "incompatibility." :)

  3. Hihi...yes Fats, it is such a delight to wear our own creations :)

  4. The dress looks v pretty Mimi

  5. Thanks Pearlin! I was so pleased how it turned out ;)

  6. Oh Ate Mimi, I love your dress so much! So elegant! Sana makagawa din ako ng dress!!!!

  7. Thanks Moira! Kaya mo rin yan gawin, kahit unti-unti lng matatapos din ;)

  8. Galing naman! Crochet Dress napaka ganda! parang gusto ko na mag graduate sa small projects. Try ko muna mga tanktop, subok muna baka di matapos eh....


  9. Thanks Jei! You can do it too. When I started making wearables, I wasn't sure I'll finish a project requiring 3 or 4 balls thread. But now I'm not afraid to make projects using 7 balls thread like this dress ;)

  10. The meet-up sounds like you had fun, even though you weren't able to do any crocheting.

    The church is beautiful, and the wedding sounds so nice. Congratulations to the newlyweds. Your dress looks nice! I will have to look at the pictures on your Ravelry page. My eyes are not so good anymore..

  11. Thank you, Tina :)


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