Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Nature's way...

Today is a holiday here in observance of a muslim celebration. It would have been an ordinary holiday and a peaceful one, but today made history when a devastating earthquake hit Bohol and Cebu.
In our Crochet in the Philippines group we have two friends directly affected by the earthquake, Fatima of Crochetology in Bohol and Geraldine (gerykho) in Cebu...
Watching the news on TV is already scary... Hope they are safe and hope only few people got hurt. As of now, news say that at least a hundred people had died because of the earthquake. Damages to property were severe, including that of several old Catholic churches that were destroyed. These churches are historical and have stood the test of time, till now :(

Loboc church
Baclayon Church


  1. Oh Mimi I'm so sorry take care my dear sending you prayers n hugs n best wishes

  2. Thanks Pearlin. Its sad to see other people suffering this tragedy, can't do much to help them. Also scary to think that it can happen in our city too...

  3. How very scary. I hope your friends will be safe.

  4. Thank you Tina :) I'm glad they have resumed posting on the forum, they are still worried though, since there were lots of aftershocks.

  5. Hi Mimi! Thank you for thinking of us here in Bohol! Our church in Baclayon is badly damaged but our people are safe, thank God, except for one person who was killed by a falling coconut tree. So many people at the funeral, his young nephews and nieces crying!

    There are less and much weaker aftershocks now, but everyone is still alert. In our hearts is the fear but also the affirmation how much we care for each other as a small village here in San Roque!


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